Sunday, August 15, 2010

Awesome night card, pt. 97

It's about that time of year when I begin to figure out who I will be cheering for in the postseason.

I only do this when the Dodgers are out of it. And I think it's safe to say that the Dodgers are out of it, despite Ted Lilly's best efforts.

I haven't had to do this since 2007 when L.A. finished in fourth place (a position they know well this year).
But I think my choice of teams to root for have changed since then.

Traditionally, I pick a team or two from the National League as my favorites. There are teams contending right now that I usually like. I'm referring to the Cardinals and the Phillies. But I don't think I can root for the Cardinals this year. As stupid as Brandon Phillips was to say the things he did when he did, he's kind of right. The Cardinals are annoying in that bitchy kind of way. And I totally blame La Russa. So, they're out.

The Phillies are out, too. They have broken Dodgers fans hearts way too many times over the last couple of years, and I'm not fond of them one bit. I'm on the verge of driving down to Philadelphia and punching Victorino in his Jack-o'-Lantern face. But that's mostly my problem with L.A. not being able to get over the hump with the Phillies than the Phillies themselves.

As for the other N.L. contending teams, you can forget me rooting for them. Padres and Giants? I will root for those two only if they're battling to see which team will burn in hell. Braves? Nope. Just not interested. Reds? I suppose there's a slight possibility, although they're entirely too cocky for a team that hasn't done squat in 15 years.

So, that leaves the American League. Yes, it's the inferior league, but it's where my loyalties lie the rest this season.

But first I can eliminate the Yankees. I have rooted for that team only twice in my life. The first time I didn't know any better. I was 10. The second time our country was attacked by fanatic criminals. It seemed like the right thing to do.

I will also eliminate the Rays. The stadium is bringing them down. I could root for the Twins, but probably not. I just haven't followed them much.

So, that leaves the White Sox and the Rangers (no, I don't think the Red Sox will be in the playoffs). I have always liked the White Sox, so that's a possibility.

But I think when it comes right down to it, I'll be backing the Rangers.

All along, I've said I'd admire the Rangers a lot more if they could finally prove after all these years that they could pitch.

Guess what? They can pitch.

So, come the 2010 postseason, I'll put my support behind the Rangers.

But I suppose you knew that given the night card posted here.


  1. The American League is barely even baseball!

  2. Wow, just barely August 15th and you are rooting for the Rangers.

    Don't you know they wilt in the Texas heat? I'm just waiting for the Angels or someone to make their move as Texas fades.

  3. First off, awesome card!!! The Early TSC base sets were great. They featured some of the best photography in the hobby.

    I'm a NY Yankees fan, but I def get your reasoning for rooting for the Rangers. I'm a big fan of the movie "The Natural" and Josh Howard is the real life Natural to me. Should be a fun MLB post season.

  4. No nned to write off the Red Sox yet. Although, I didn't imagine you'd pick them anyway.

  5. Welcome aboard. Looks to be a fun ride.

  6. Despite disparaging remarks from some fellow bloggers, I fully support your supporting the Rangers. In order to fully show your support, I think it would be much appreciated if you could send some of those 70 degree temps down here!