Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beckett thinks you're more generous than you think you are

This is an open letter to one of my generous trade partners, N.Y. Mets fan, a.k.a. Steve in South Carolina, the owner of Baseball State of Mind.

Dear Steve,

Thank you for the Mickey Mantle cereal box silver chrome refractor. It was very nice of you to send this. I've never been a Mickey Mantle fan, but this shiny card makes me want to reconsider. However, I'm afraid I can't keep it.

Why? Well, I'm told Beckett says it's worth $25. You read that right -- 25 bucks. I found that out here. Shocked? Flabbergasted? Me, too. Beckett says every one of these chrome refractors could sell for no less than $8 and as much as $40.

But Beckett know what they're talking about, right? Forget about the fact that there is a chrome refractor in every $10 Topps cereal box, and that as far as I know none of them are scarce. The Mantle card certainly isn't, because I'm sure you've pulled more than one of them. Forget about the fact that I can't find a single bid on eBay for a Mantle chrome refractor approaching anything even close to 25 bucks.

I'm going to ignore all that because someone else already has. And I'm stealing motherscratcher's idea and buying every cereal box that I can find, then flipping all the refractors on eBay for a tidy payday.

So, this Williams gold refractor card that you sent me is going to have to go on eBay, too.

Sure, it's only 10 bucks, according to Beckett. But I'll make my money on the Mantles, Ruths, Ryans and especially those $40 Ripkens! (I traded one of those Ripkens away! Stupid, stupid, stupid).

I think I can get rich doing this. This is like when Kramer and Newman drove a mail truck full of bottles to Michigan to profit from the state's dime return deposit law. That worked for them, didn't it? If only motherscratcher didn't already have a head start on all the stores in Ohio.

I know you didn't think you were being that generous, when you sent the refractors, Steve. I hope you understand. It's a matter of survival in these difficult economic times.

I'll still keep the 2009 Topps cards that you sent me from off my want list. Beckett doesn't think they're worth much.

And the Legends of the Game Roger Maris insert card? I think I'll keep that, although maybe I should find out how much it's booking for.
And a couple of Donruss cards? Does Donruss still make cards? Nah, they're not worth anything. So I'll hang onto those.

But, the chrome refractors? Yeah, you can find those on eBay. Buy it Now. 40 bucks for both of them. Maybe 50. And when I get done clearing the eastern seaboard of cereal boxes, those'll be on the bay, too. I'll let you know when I put a down payment on the mansion and the Aston Martin. Maybe I'll let you name my yacht.


Night Owl

Disclaimer: I wouldn't actually do something like that. Stop thinking those nasty thoughts. First of all, nobody is blowing 25 bucks on one of these cards. Secondly, I would never put any cards that I received in a blogger trade on eBay. Thirdly, I've got to get to Target. I hear they just restocked the cereal boxes ...

(Thanks for the cards, Steve!)


  1. man... I've got a Ty Cobb and Clemente now. I need to get a few more of these so I can pay my rent next month!

  2. Hey, great idea ! Instead of the Aston Martin though,since there won't be any cereal boxes left for me to get rich on, please help me keep my job and buy a Dodge Viper.

  3. If you aren't careful you are going to get removed from the Beckett Blog list...

  4. Oh NOOOO!!!!

    Watch it Night Owl!

    WE all know how relevant that Beckett Blog is and it would be terrible tragedy if they removed you.

  5. Beckett has a blog? Silly me. Wait until I tell my wife we can pay-off her student loans with the chrome refractors. She won't balk next time we're in Target sneaking a pack into her cart.

    Is the Tommy John card a night card?

  6. Yes, I believe the John card is a night card. Possibly from the '77 or '78 World Series.

    Beckett can do anything they want with their blog list. It's their "blog."

  7. Man that Williams refractor is pretty. Good thing it is only $10 I think I'll bu 4 or 5.

  8. max wanty shiny ted williams. max trade you dodger cards. max speaking in childish third person. max in nfl draft/baseball/beer overload.