Sunday, October 14, 2018

An attempt at a five-minutes-or-less post

The latest blogging sensation is trying to write a post in five minutes or less. I never put a time limit on writing my posts, and I would think you know by the length of some of them, my feeling is the longer you spend on them, the better they are.

However ...

In these time-crunch days, drastic measures must be taken.

So I'm giving it a try. Here is what I have to say in 5 minutes or less:

I am expecting my 10th anniversary giveaway to kick off next Thursday. I've been doing a lot of traveling lately, which is the main reason why I can't get to this giveaway or post with the frequency I have in the past, but hopefully I'll be able to cram it into my schedule at the end of this week.

I'm feeling positive about this because for the first time in a month I actually mailed out some packages!!! ... OK, so it was only three of them, but you got to get back on the horse anyway you can, whether it's butt first or over the snout or whatever, right?

Sending out those 3 packages has put a few other blog traders on-deck for the next round of packages. One of those is gcrl, who recently sent me some cards and then sent me a PWE with two more. One of those cards was the 2018 Archives card of Tommy Lasorda above. It's so weird seeing a manager pictured on the 1977 Topps design, because managers were relegated to a tiny mug shot on the team card that year.

The other card he sent was this one:

This 2003 Topps Shoebox Ron Cey card is a former Nebulous 9 need. When I discovered this card it went on the Nebulous 9 instantly, because it's rare that I find a base Ron Cey Dodger card that I don't have.

I just took a quick look at COMC and there are no Ron Cey Dodger base cards listed on there that I need. All the needs are either parallels, autograph/relic cards or oddballs that are a little too out there for me to care (odd shapes, etc.).

What do you player collectors do when the well runs dry on your player?

I suppose that's a good thing -- less cash I have to spend. But I really get excited when I see a new Ron Cey card. I hope there are a few more for me in the future.

OK, that's it. ... And that post took me 18 minutes to write and edit.

Honestly I don't think anyone can write a post in than less 5 minutes.


  1. "What do you player collectors do when the well runs dry on your player? "

    I'll let you know when I get to that point.

  2. fuji gets an assist for sending me an extra shoebox cey. i like that topps kept the "of" position from his original 1972 rookie card.
    there are plenty of new steve garvey cards being produced, so i focus on those, but i did go through an oddball period when there weren't many new cards to get. as a result, i have a lot of msa discs and other items that i had not paid much attention to while gathering garvey's more mainstream releases.

  3. I can't even get the title of the post right in five minutes.

  4. Eighteen minutes. You beat me. But... I'm not giving up yet.

  5. I have thought a bit about when the well runs dry on two of my PC players, Jay Buhner and Ryan Bader. Those are the two that have the least amount of total cards and I really don’t think I would move on to a new player, just focus more on a current PC. I don’t think I will ever run out of Griffey cards to chase.

  6. Every time I think the well has run dry, I find a couple of sets that I’ve forgotten about. But getting close to the end on Dale Murphy.

  7. When it runs dry you go to oddballs, parallels, odd shapes, game cards, postcards, ticket stubs, etc. In short, whatever you can find.

  8. I’ve actually been a bit more scattershot than I care for this year. Thinking about refocusing on my Bagwell collection more next year, while still accepting any other Astros I still need of course.