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10th anniversary giveaway continues: Corky's next in line

Well, the 10th anniversary giveaway is off to a rapid start, just what I'd like to see. I was ready to make a second post after the first selection and before I knew it, three more picks were made!

I hope the rest of the giveaway is speedy like that, although my work schedule may slow things down a bit.

The first card selected in the draft was the 2010 Topps Lou Gehrig short-print here. It goes to Jordan of Mint Condition.

Here is an updated list of what's available with the chosen cards crossed off:

All of the cards selected are now safely enclosed in top-loaders waiting to be shipped (whenever that may be!). It's a good idea for you to email me your mailing address after you've made your selection. I have mailing addresses for some of you, but not all.

The next person to pick is Corky of Pack War. Once Corky picks, then it's Nick from Dime Boxes, followed by bbcardz from Stadium Fantasium, and then jasongerman9 of Hoarding Cardboard.

This post will be going up at 1 a.m. EST (10 p.m. PST) so Corky has until 1 a.m. Wednesday (or 10 p.m. Tuesday PST) to make his pick!

Happy selecting! Night night.


Corky said…
I would like #31 please, the 1993 Leaf box.
Corky said…
I will send you an email tomorrow with my address.
Nick said…
With the sixth pick of the 10th Anniversary Giveaway, the nation of Dime Boxedonia selects the 2010 Topps Dizzy Dean SP.
acrackedbat said…
Nick - I knew you'd pick Dizzy. Great choice!
bbcardz said…
With the seventh pick of the 2018 Night Owl Cards 10th Anniversary Giveaway, Stadium Fantasium's bbcardz (being a true blue Dodger fan) selects the 2017 Topps UPDATE Series Baseball #US50 Jackie Robinson SP Variation! Thanks for a very cool contest (my first draft-type contest). Go Dodgers!
Josh D. said…
You beat me to it! :-) Nice selection.
Jafronius said…
Is your Target doing any sort of remodel? The store I have been working at just started remodeling their checklanes and the first thing they did was box up the cards to put up the gift card wall. I believe they did it during the day. They then put the cards back up on the other end of where they were overnight. I've never seen them put the cards (except Pokemon) in the Toy or Electronics department.

I have the feeling you showed up the day they were moving the cards, and they were all sitting in the backroom. I really hope that's the case!
I'll keep things moving here and announce my eighth selection as the 2017 Topps Johnny Bench SP. Thanks N.O. - more Dodgers to come your way soon.
night owl said…
I'm going to check it out tomorrow or Thursday and see what I find.
bbcardz said…
You're in luck Josh! N.O. mentioned in the next post that he has an identical extra Jackie Robinson SP available to pick. Good luck!
Corky said…
The email with my address has been sent.

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