Thursday, October 25, 2018

10th anniversary giveaway continues: Shoebox Legends is up next

Welp, the Dodgers are down 0-2 just as I figured they would be as the Red Sox continue to mow over the rest of baseball.

While Dodger fans continue to lament manager Dave Roberts' pitching moves, I can see the writing on the Green Monster. Does it really matter? Did you see how the Red Sox handled the Astros? The Yankees? The rest of baseball all season? A pitching move won't change that.

We all have a day off to process the World Series so far, but the 10th anniversary giveaway continues!!!

And, what do you know, it's time for a Red Sox fan to select!

Jason T. Carter picked the shiny Willie Mays insert card above so Shoebox Legends is next in line.

Shoebox can make his choice now, so someone go dig Shane out from under his "WE'RE UP 2-0 IN THE WORLD SERIES" revelry and make sure he picks before 1 p.m. Friday. That's how long he's got.

Here is what's left on the picking board:

Once Shane picks, Fred Pike is up next, followed by Julie Owens.

OK, that's it for now. I hope to have a non-giveaway post up later, but we'll see what the rest of the day brings.


  1. As much as I can't cheer for the Red Sox, this team just hits and hits and hits.

  2. If you'd had said two weeks ago or so that keys to the Red Sox' success would be David Price pitching like an ace and the bullpen being strong, most Sox fans would have said uh oh. The hitting, that was easy to guess it would be there, but pitching wins these things and during the postseason that has been a bit of surprising strength. Older Sox fans remember 1986, though, and know that it's not over until those two final wins are tallied.

  3. Sorry to have held things up! I'm going to take the 2012 Topps Willie Mays variation/SP please. That was my very first choice, happy it dropped all the way to my slot.

    I'm not celebrating yet, that's for sure, but the 2018 Red Sox are starting to look like a team of destiny. Still plenty of baseball to play though.

    Thanks for the great giveaway Night Owl!

  4. I will pick the 2017 Topps Lou Gehrig Short Print. Many thanks for the great contest.