Monday, May 14, 2018

Take that, Bowman hoarders

Well, a few people were a little disturbed by my encounter  with a co-worker this past weekend who cleaned out the Walmart Bowman display by dumping eight blasters into his cart.

I'm not that bothered about it. That's what you find in the world of Bowman. It's a frenzied, every-collector-for-himself free-for-all. Add it to the many reasons why I don't collect Bowman. But I know what it's about -- I'm not going to act like it shouldn't happen.

I could ponder the many Dodgers my co-worker pulled in his many blasters. But I won't. Because I did pretty well for myself in my meager Bowman rack pack selections.

I already mentioned the three Dodgers pulled out of that one 22-card rack pack.

I also bought one of those 3-packs-in-one-pack items and nabbed these Dodgers:

One of those was the camo parallel -- what I think looks more like a green grass parallel -- of Dodger prospect Dennis Santana. Hold on to that name.

So seven Dodger Bowmans out of a couple of rack packs. That's pretty smooth for retail buying.

Then there are the connections I have that Bowman hoarders don't -- collectors around the nation who know I like Dodgers.

All of these 2018 Bowman cards came from Kerry of Cards on Cards. You've got your Walker Buehler scout card, your DJ Peters card and, look, there's Dennis Santana's base card.

So, yeah, Bowman hoarders, you don't have ALL the cards.

You don't even have ALL the hits.

Take that, hoarders!


(*Looks up Dennis Santana because never heard of him until he appeared in 2018 Bowman, sees that he just cracked Double A last year and has played five years in pro ball, stops gloating*).

So that's pretty good for a team collector and a set that disappears almost instantly off of store shelves.

Kerry even threw in a couple of past Bowman Dodger cards:

There's an icy mini prospect.

And there's not much to see here.

The rest of the cards were non-prospect related.

Going back to the 1990s when a single foil stamp could send collectors into a tizzy, and a current version of the same principle, although it doesn't have the same effect -- not that I knew what the big deal was anyway.


This card makes me want to shout it!

This is an insert from 1995 Leaf Limited. I never knew it existed. It's goofy. I kind of like it.

Some more random needs. I think Topps Unique is one of the most forgotten sets of the last 10 years.

I also received some Fleer box bottoms. This card came with the Fernando Valenzuela box bottom from the same year (I have it already). The team logos were related to teams that pitched a no-hitter the previous year, I believe.

And, speaking of box bottoms:


(I'm doing a lot of shouting in this post).

This was a thing I didn't know either, but I guess I should have assumed that Canadian children liked box bottoms, too.

The rest of the cards were football in nature. These are King B discs.

And this is fantastic.

The late great Bills center Kent Hull is touting the virtues of A1 steak sauce.

And you can make a meal with the back of the card!!!!! What other card features a recipe?

(Yeah, I know, "a recipe card," wise-acre).

So that's what you can't find in a Bowman blaster. No recipe cards, no discs, no box bottoms.

Take that Bowman hoarders.


  1. Eyyyy, that's a great package. A retail auto, Kendall's first Bowman and a recipe card. Good stuff.

  2. Have to admit that I'm curious if the OPC boxes use a different stock than the Topps ones did.

  3. The OPC box bottoms felt the same as usual if I recall.

    Most of the non-2018 stuff was nickel or dime box finds. As for 2018 Bowman, that set has to be 90% Dodgers.

  4. Bat Ptrol cards are worthy of a shout. I have a Don Mattingly and possibly one more. The 'Dennis St." auto is really nice. Bowman does way too many parallels. Its why 90's inserts are so enjoyable - one stamp or one color or one pattern. That's all we needed.

    Also, the red Topps Unique parallels are okay, but the black bordered base cards are boring.

  5. Box bottoms are cool. OPC box bottoms are even cooler.

  6. I've been on patrol for that Piazza. It's a good one!

  7. I'm just happy people are excited to buy baseball cards at Target. That should at least keep the shelves stocked for a while.

  8. That Kent Hull will probably be the greatest thing I see today. I may have to try out that recipe too!

  9. You'll have to tell us how the steak ranchero turns out!

  10. The Throwback Threads Nomo has a vacant lot in the middle. They could have at least stamped it with something...