Sunday, October 30, 2016

The wants are piling up

(NOTE: Since this was posted, my flagship and Update wants have been virtually erased, and Archives wants dented, please consult the main want list if you're feeling generous).

One of the more aggravating parts of collecting annually is the end of the year. Every November or December, I look back on my want lists and notice all of the set and team needs still sitting there from the past 10-12 months.

Sometimes, when I want to really irritate myself, I look back on the previous years -- wants from 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 -- and shake my head at all of the items sitting untouched, for years now.

I have told myself repeatedly that with the next online order, I am going to tackle that particular year's wants so I don't have to look at them taunting me anymore. And then I don't do it. There's always something more enjoyable out there than a recent Topps Opening Day Dodger need.

So 2016 is no different than the previous years that are already part of the growing pile of wants. We're closing in on the end of the year and still so many cards from that year need to be in my binders. Probably more than ever given the indifference I've had to many sets produced in the last 10 months or so.

Topps Chrome is one of those. As I recently said, I'm pulling away from chrome more and more. Almost all of my Dodger Chrome needs have been supplied by madding of Cards On Cards. He sent a PWE the other day with a few more of them.

Inserts in Chrome that were also in flagship is still something I wish had never occurred to anyone, but I'm glad these are at least in my possession.

With madding's abundant help, my Dodgers' 2016 Chrome list is down to a manageable few cards:

#26, #92, #130, #131, #149, #YI-1, #YI-20

And, what the heck, why don't I throw the rest of my 2016 wants on this post? It will help me update myself on what I need and help anyone who is thinking of sending me cards find some potentially readily available items without getting lost in my monstrous want list.

2016 Topps Flagship Dodgers

#423, #429, #435, #496, #542, #569; Berger's Best: BB-4, BB-57, BB2-59, BB2-81, BB2-2013; First Pitch: FP-11; Hallowed Highlights: HH-5; MLB Debut: MLBD-30, MLBD-38

I admit I've been so disgusted that I still need Topps flagship Dodgers cards that I have a bunch ready to order online, even though I find ordering stuff like this very boring.

2016 Topps Update Dodgers

#9, #45, #98, #172, #279, #300; Fire: F-7; First Pitch: FP-5, FP-10; Team Franklin: TF19

This want list is brand new, but I feel good about it already after grabbing a Dodger-friendly hanger box.

2016 Topps Allen & Ginter Dodgers

#16, #120, #163, #304, #334; Minis (any back): #11, #16, #120, #121, #133, #143, #163, #174, #181, #258, #299, #304, #329, #334; Numbers Game: NG-6, NG-17, NG-82; Skippers mini: S-3

If I was attempting to complete A&G like in years past, I'd probably be farther along by now, but with three Dodgers in the SP final 50, the inspiration isn't exactly there.

2016 Topps Archives, 1979 design

#113, #122, #142, #144, #145, #151, #180, #190

Those of you familiar with Archives probably noticed that I stopped short of adding the SP cards from this set that feature the 1979 design. I don't want to pay what these cards cost and I wouldn't ask for anyone to pay it for me either.

Of course ...

2016 Topps Archives Dodgers

#301, #305, #310

... my only Dodgers Archives needs are all the super-short-prints. Go ahead and look what they're selling for if they're not sold out. I ain't paying that for a 2016 card dipped in artificial scarcity.

2016 Topps Bunt Dodgers

Future of the Franchise: FF-1, FF-9; Light Force: LF-16; Moon Shots: MS-16; Programs: P-17; Stadium Heritage (serial #'d): SH-5; Title Town (serial #'d): TT-6

The Lost Collector very nicely took care of my base card needs awhile ago. Plenty of inserts left though for one of the highlights of the collecting year.

2016 Topps Gypsy Queen Dodgers

#7, #48, #138, #173, #192, #292, #304, #323, #343; Framed parallels: #7, #44, #48, #51

The one set that I wouldn't lose sleep over if it's still on my want list with the same numbers needed 10 years from now. I didn't even bother listing the minis (although they're on my main want list), because I'm finally questioning the logic of wanting mini versions of a set I dislike. But I'm still illogical enough to want the base cards!

2016 Topps Heritage Dodgers

Chrome parallels: #410, #426; Bazooka: 67B-CK; Discs: 67TDC-CK; New Age Performers: NAP-YP

Never the easiest team set to complete, but it's done, save for the inserts. Of course, if anyone wants to bestow upon me one of those Corey Seager super-shortprints, I'll write up an epic post in your honor.

2016 Topps Heritage Stand-Ups

McCutchen, Posey, Correa, Kershaw, Donaldson, Bumgarner, Cabrera, Trout, Greinke

I didn't do myself any favors latching onto this insert, but I still think it's probably the best insert of the year. I've lucked out pulling all the Cubs in this set, but a lot of work still to go. Fortunately I like Heritage enough that I'm still willing to buy packs just for the hell of it.

2016 Topps Heritage High Numbers Dodgers

#529; Bazooka: 67B-KM; Now and Then: NT-14; Rookie Performers: #RP-CS; #RP-JU

The High Numbers set has been so much easier to tackle than the regular Heritage set for whatever reason. I'm just a Kike Hernandez card away from being satisfied here.

2016 Topps Opening Day Dodgers

#53, #119; Opening Day Stars: ODS-5

I will need to transfer this want list to my main want list. Opening Day has been so uninspiring the last few years that I can't even muster a want list.

2016 Topps Stadium Club Dodgers

#13, #69, #294; Beam Team: BT-14; BT-21; Instavision Highlights: IV-4; ISOMetrics: I-15

Those 3 base card needs in order are: Koufax, Kershaw and Robinson. Knowing the players and having seen the photos, it's not a surprise that I don't own these yet, although I suspect Topps is doing that always charming thing where some base cards are more available than others.

2016 Bowman/Bowman Prospects Dodgers

#145, #BP-18, #BP-78; Scouts Top 100: #BTP-1, #BTP-7, #BTP-20; BTP-81

As usual with any Bowman want list, I have no idea if it's right and I'm pretty sure I'm missing cards I need. Every Bowman list is and always will be a disaster.

2016 Panini Diamond King Dodgers

#12, #47, #54, #62, #113, #117, #164

Well, if Panini isn't going to do Hometown Heroes anymore, at least there's this.

Those are all the want lists I've compiled for 2016 sets. Obviously there are others out there. Topps Tribute and Bowman Chrome, etc., etc.

For instance, I don't have want lists up for these two other 2016 cards Kerry sent, too -- Bowman Platinum and Donruss Optic.

I'll probably add them at some point, but given my current end-of-the-year feeling that I'm not getting anything accomplished, maybe I should hold off and get some of these other sets completed first.

I sure do need a lot of cards for someone who has cut back a lot on collecting current product.


  1. I'll screen shot the page and see what I can find for you.

  2. I'll do my best to help with these before I get lazy and just decide to chuck whatever I have lying around your way.

  3. Ah....Thanks Wikipedia. I thought you had done like I do and started to type Keith in front of Hernandez, but it really is his nickname - Kee-kay.

  4. Yeah, I get that huge want list. I doubt I'll ever complete a non vintage year with all of the Braves.

  5. I pulled a few of the '79 Archives, '16 Flagship and Update for you- will send out tomorrow with other stuff.