Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Playing with my phone

I've become one of those people who passes the time by picking up my phone. When I have a couple of minutes where nothing is scheduled, I go right for the phone.

Gosh I hate that about myself.

So anyway, I saw a post on Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius about the photo filter on his phone and selecting one of his favorite cards, a 1964 Choo Choo Coleman to run through the filter. I don't have the Prisma app on my phone that he was talking about, but I do have another one that I recently downloaded. I also happen to have a photo of my favorite card of all-time, the 1975 Topps Ron Cey, on my phone, too.

Let's run it through the filter, shall we?

Here is the "college sketch" Ron Cey card. I probably should have drawn this subject during one of those art classes I was forced to take. Unfortunately, no professor I ever had said, "do whatever you want!"

There is "Pencil '75 Cey." I love sketching. I will probably try to sketch this card now and become immediately depressed by the result.

This is the "paint brush" effect. I bow to anyone who can paint anything recognizable.

This is the "paper" filter. What would the '75 Ron Cey card look like if it was made out of a paper grocery bag? Now you know.

Here is "watercolor '75 Cey." I remember becoming visibly frustrated with water colors when I was a kid. Hated them.

This is the "charcoal" Cey. Probably my favorite one.

Here is the "oil" filter. Looks oily.

The canvas filter. I like this one, too.

This is known as the "pop" filter. It kind of reminds me of that terrible Upper Deck Play Ball set from about 12 years ago. But I actually don't mind this.

There are several other different filters that I didn't show here. As usual with stuff on my phone, I don't know what to do with this other than play with it and then show people "hey, look what I 'made'!"

I did get a post out of it though.

So it was well worth playing around with my phone for a couple of minutes while waiting to go to work.


  1. New collaborative set from Topps and Apple - the iPhone filter set! I jest, but then again, that does seem like something Panini might try.

  2. For some reason I pegged you as a 'flip phone' guy. I really like the canvas filter, as well as the pencil.

  3. I Feel a Topps Bunt 16 App download coming on....

  4. Smart phones are just so damn fun. I make a conscience effort to limit my screen time since I'm on the computer all day at work, but I still find myself reading baseball articles as soon as I sit down at home. It is a sickness.....a really fun sickness.

  5. What would the reaction be if Topps did a base set like one of these? The '52/'53 treatment but with action shots.

  6. I hate myself for being one of those "phone" people too. Haven't played with this app... but if/when I do... the first three I'll play with are:

    #1: Watercolor
    #2: Canvas
    #3: Paint Brush