Monday, April 21, 2014

Blisters be back

I just got back from a few days off in which I went out of town.

These days, one of the requirements of an out-of-town trip is checking out the card display at the nearest Target or Walmart. You can have your cheap knicknacks from the generic tourist trinket shack, I'll take my cards, please.

This time it was Target in a very frenzied plaza that I know well. Each time I'm there, I feel like I take my life in my hands. Once, at this plaza, I was honked at, cursed at and nearly mowed over by the cutest, youngest blonde in the cutest, reddest car that you have ever seen, and I HAD THE RIGHT OF WAY. I can't even tell you what other stores are in the plaza because I'm forever watching for runaway, self-righteous vehicles.

What we do for cards.

The card aisle at this Target is not as large as the one near me. But I can count on it for different items. For example, Gypsy Queen had made its way to this Target (it's not at my hometown Target). You could buy loose packs and 3-pack fat packs of GQ if you wanted.

Of course, I am ignoring GQ because of all the ugly, so I looked around for something else, and there it was:

Three packs of 2014 Heritage in all of their blistered glory.

These are the blistered packs with the "exclusive three extra cards," which are black-bordered.

Last year, the cards were outstanding. With all that empty white space in the 1964 Topps design, Heritage could go nuts.

These ones aren't quite as great, but they're still pretty awesome.

And I have to say I selected a pretty good pack.

First was Chris Sale.

Followed by:

 Gerrit Cole. Perhaps you saw him yelling something at Carlos Gomez on TV yesterday.

And the last card:

Yay!!!! At last, a Dodger.

This is the first time I've pulled a Heritage black-border Dodger.

Last year I sorely wanted one and before I knew it, the blister packs had disappeared off the shelves. I think they were there for maybe three weeks.

I want to say I will make it my mission to do a better job of tracking down the black-border Heritage cards this year, but there are so many card tasks that I want to do better at, that I highly doubt that I'll make it a priority.

So it's a good thing I pulled the Ramirez card on the first try.

It was well worth risking my life to go to this Target.

(P.S.: Sale and Cole are already set aside for specific traders).


  1. Nice. I've had some pretty good Dodger luck with Heritage so far, myself. I have one red parallel: It's Hanley. One chrome parallel: A-Gon.

  2. You made my day with this post!

  3. I live in a college town with lots of those cute blonde girls in cute red cars who seem to forget basic traffic laws. Your head has to be on a swivel when driving in parking lots.

  4. What? You got blisters before Dallas!? Someone over at distribution made a big mistake.

  5. Last year's black bordered Heritage are awesome! Congratulations on pulling a Dodger... the Card Gods are on your side.