Sunday, April 27, 2014

Joy of a team set, chapter 1

This is the start of a new series. Unlike some of the others, I think this one is here to stay. There is minimal work involved and virtually no thinking. Just pull and scan the cards.

Actually, this series came about because I've begun work on another series -- the top 100 cards of the 1970s. I've finally started pulling some cards for that. But I'm still a long, long way from beginning the countdown show.

Here, all I'm going to do is display a complete team set. It has to be a set that I own. I'll pick whatever team set interests me and then show all the cards.

I'll start it off with perhaps the greatest team set of all-time, the 1974 Topps Oakland A's.

Here it is in all of its gaudy glory:

I'm leaving out cards like the 4-player rookie cards (sorry Glenn Abbott and Manny Trillo) and postseason cards to preserve continuity. In other words, they'll mess up the color theme.

And now for the rundown:

Favorite card runners-up: 5. Ken Holtzman; 4. Dick Green; 3. John Odom; 2. Rollie Fingers

Favorite element on the back: Rollie Fingers cartoon.

Famous error card: Jesus Alou. (Version that does not list "outfield" on card front).

Team's claim to fame: Third of three straight World Series champions.

Player I've talked to: Ted Kubiak.

Most interesting card: A tie between Darold Knowles and Bob Locker.

Knowles features a Texas Ranger on second base. The Ranger is Jim Mason, who is waiting for Knowles to warm up. Locker features a real live A's cap on his head, which is unusual for the '74 traded set. My guess is Topps got a photo of Locker from his first stint with the A's in 1972.

Former or future Dodgers: Bill North, Vic Davalillo.

Favorite card in the team set:

#369 - Paul Lindblad

Thank you for joining me for "joy of a team set".


  1. Always loved the A's when I was a kid. I think it was the uni's and the moustaches.
    When I completed the 74 set I had to search out one of the Alou error cards. Along with all the Washington variations. Didn't seem complete without all of them.

  2. Hell of a choice, that's one crazy team set. You don't get the full effect until you view them as a group the way you posted it.

  3. The team had so much style even their team picture is color coordinated.

  4. One of my favorites as well. To a 9 year old kid obsessed with baseball these guys were Rock Stars. My first favorite player was Rudi because of how he would climb the walls to make and make those amazing catches. My Favorite card in the set? Fosse but you have to love that classic Reggie swing.

  5. The A's were always a team I followed as a youth. I don't really know what it was, though looking back I can make some sense of wanting a west coast AL team that wasn't in LA to root for. This is yet another phenomenal post, Night Owl, and that Paul Lindblad card is a force to be reckoned with. Looks like he and The Goose had quite similar, violent throwing mechanics.

    I look forward to reading more of these "Joy of a Team Set" posts.

    Hey, now that I've got my blog back up and running, any chance of getting back on your blogroll? I'm looking forward to reconnecting with our blogging, reading, and trading community and if you don't have them yet, I just posted a few 2014 Topps Heritage Dodgers looking for a home.