Tuesday, September 10, 2013

In two parts, backwards

I've seen a few people lately split their card loot packages into two parts. They receive a way cool packagio of cards and can't possibly assemble all the goodies into a single writing.

Normally, I don't like doing that. One card package, one post, that's my motto. OK, it's not my motto, and I've split up card packages in multiple posts before, but I really try to avoid it. I don't feel it's necessary to drag out a single envelope. People have short attention spans. People on the internet have even shorter attention spans. ... wait, what was I just writing about?

But I'm making an exception here, because -- yes -- the package that was sent by my good buddie Dave was tremendous, but also because it wasn't one package, but two packages. And the packages came on different days, three days apart. And the second package (clearly marked Package #2 on the note inside) arrived first.

It was all mixed up. Like the chronology in Kill Bill (you were wondering why that was there).

This is wackiness that deserves multiple posts.

So, because that second package was first, I'm going to show you the second package first. And I'll save the first package for second, meaning you'll see it tomorrow -- because I'm not one of those cool people that posts twice a day anymore.

But seeing things out of order is very cool. Which is why I'm going to show these cards out of order of how I pulled them out of the package, too.

So let's start with Part 2.

Dave has sent me gobs and gobs of great cards over the last year or so. He sent this card that I showed a couple of posts ago. It's for my 1967 Topps quest, which isn't really a quest. I'll happily store the cards in the back of my brain until it's time to be insane and really pursue the impossible task. But, goodness, isn't that bodyless Frank Robinson terrific?

Speaking of sets that I'm not actively pursuing but have publicly shown appreciation for:

Yes, all those black-bordered 2009 OPC cards were in Part 2 of the package. I didn't even show all of them. I guess I need to find pages for these things and really ACT like I'm collecting it now.

This card was also in the stack:

I couldn't tell you if David Purcey is still a major league pitcher (I just looked it up, he plays for the White Sox, which explains the not-knowing). I couldn't even tell you what this is (yes, wise guy, I know it's a blank back).

I want to say it's one of those cards you could cut off the side of the OPC blasters. But if that's the case, I want to meet the person who cut this because they have the best cutting tool ever and they should market it and make a papillion dollars.

So, I don't know.

Let's move to something I do know:

Dave sent me a pack of Allen & Ginter! Yay! He's the third person to do this, which means, of course, he's automatically enrolled in the cool club with $30 A Week Habit and Crackin' Wax. (Dave also wrapped all the cards in the front page of a newspaper, which is also good for bonus points).

The last time I opened one of these packs, I pulled all ballplayers except for one insert. Let's see what's in this one:

#261 - Dwight Gooden, Mets

I'm still smiling over Game 4 of the 1988 NLCS.

#134 - Roy Halladay, Phillies

He's still pitching, right?

#142 - Garrett Jones, Pirates

I'm very happy for the Pirates and plan to root for them in the playoffs (if they make it and if they don't play the Dodgers). But the raucous celebrating over 82 wins is like throwing a block party because Junior is all potty-trained. I know it's been two decades, but damn, half the league hits .500 every year. Don't make me sad.

MM-SM - Samurai, Martial Mastery

First: The lack of numbers on inserts is now the dumbest thing that I have seen in the entire card world in 2013. I don't care what you can come up with that you think trounces my opinion. I think this is more stupid. Numbers have gotten us through innumerable organizational tasks for -- what? -- thousands of years? And Topps doesn't think it's necessary anymore. Fine, I'm just going to go to my calendar now and change all the dates on it to letters. Today is not Sept. 10. It is now "Sept. TT" That's right. Figure it out, everyone! This is the way we're going to chart time! Stop looking at me weirdly. Numbers are for the flat earth society! Humanity is progressing here!

Second: I can't see a samurai card and not think of Kill Bill. Every time I come across it on TV or wherever, I have to watch. And I can count the number of movies I can say this about on half a hand.

#242 - Robinson Cano, Yankees, black-border mini

This is already reserved for a very generous Yankee fan. I have a knack for pulling Yankee inserts/parallels like these. I know there are a lot of Yankees in A&G, but I sometimes wonder if they seed more Yankees in packs sold in New York. I don't even know if that's possible.

#312 - Wilin Rosario, Rockies, SP

Rockies and Giants got eliminated last night. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

That's the pack, and as you can see, except for the insert, it was all baseball again. I wonder how long this streak can go? If I ever get to buy packs for myself again, I'll find out.

So we've reached the final card of Part 2 of Dave's card package, which I actually pulled out second, after the pack of A&G.

It's pretty nifty and sets up Part 1 of the package very, very well:

Wow. What a great card.

I have a couple of Johnny Podres autographs in the collection already. I'm even happy to say I once pulled a Podres autograph all by myself, with my grubby retail hands.

But this has to be the prettiest one that I've seen.

Very, very nice.

And that's the end of Part 2.

Even though I split these goodies into two posts, I hope you'll stick around for Part 1. It's even better than Part 2.

So until then ...

You and I have unfinished business.


  1. But some of those raucous celebrators WERE being potty trained the last time the Bucs won 82 games!

  2. Damn, I'm in the cool club. Is there a membership fee?

    Great Podres auto btw!! I don't remember the rest of what I was going to say....short attention span you know...

  3. I actually laughed out loud at your letter/number rant and read it to my wife. I agree completely - the letters for inserts make no sense. I guess Topps claimed (not sure where I read this) that they went to the letters because they couldn't be sure that they'd get the cards back (meaning autos I guess) in time for the set release and numbering would then be screwed up. While that seems bogus to me, it's even more bogus that they went with letters for all their inserts in Ginter. What, they thought the moon would just up and run off and so they couldn't number the One Little Corner minis and instead had to use letters? Bull.

  4. That Podres card is very very sweet indeed.

    As for game 4 of the 1988 NLCS, allow me to invite you to have sex with yourself.

  5. I emailed you a couple weeks ago stating I have some cards on your wantlist. Did you get them? wanna trade? Derek drkmckim@yahoo.com

  6. Blank back parallels were seeded one per box. I believe. Not cut from the box.