Thursday, April 25, 2013


Here is the other half of the card package from My Cardboard Mistress.

Contrary to the impression that I apparently gave in the last post, I really do appreciate the cards that I received. I just have a difficult time pretending I like Yankees, Giants and Diamondbacks cards. I'm not going to fake it. I'm sure you understand.

But the other half of the package didn't have any of that awfulness in it. It was all Dodgers.

Some of it was odd -- like the foursome of Kershaw Triple Play stickers you see here.

Actually, most of it was odd.

But that's because Mr. Spankee paid attention to my interest in oddball cards real well.

I'll show the regular-type cards first though. Here they are:

Yup. A whole three of them. And I'm willing to even consider the Valdes card odd, given the headaches he gave me (love the Nomo card, by the way).

The rest of the package was downright odd.

An oddball Leaf Fernando card. Someone is finally taking my quest for Valenzuela cards seriously.

This is more parallel than oddball, as one of those electric diamond foil variations from the mid-1990s. But I think of that practice as odd, so oddball it is.

Broder greatness. Where did these cards come from? Could you pick them up in stores? I collected sporadically in the late '80s, and never saw a single one of these cards.

Another one of those Indiana Blue Sox cards from the same time period. These are wonderful.

I had no idea there was a Jackie Robinson Topps Attax card. It's probably sitting on my want list, and someone will say, "It's on your want list," to which I will say, "I can't even remember what time I got up yesterday, you expect me to memorize my want list?"

Finally, I leave you with the greatest of the oddballs featured here.

I absolutely had to have this card of the unibrow king the moment I saw it. It really is swell and every other outdated adjective used to describe excellence.

Oddballs are great fun and an oddball card package is even better.

Yup, I really, really, really like these cards. Really, really.


  1. I have a few Broders. some are nice looking 'cards'.

    Borders were always at card shows sharing some dealers otherwise bare table with stacks of those goofy 'phone' cards. If the guy had any 'legit' cards it was always crap like 'Pacific Crown Royale' embossed stuff (or whatever that trash was called).

    Every large show had at least three 'dealers' like that. Wasted table space IMHO.

  2. Forgot to say that the Wally Moon card is awesome.

  3. Glad you liked these. I love getting rid of oddball stuff to team collectors. They love them, and I don't have to sort them and find a place to put them.

  4. I remember seeing them at card shows too. Plus the card shop I worked at sold them. I was never a big Broder fan, but these days I'll pick them up if I find them in dime boxes. They might not hold much value... but they're a part of cardboard history.