Monday, April 29, 2013


I received another one of those Plain White Envelopes from Jeff a little bit ago. He threw in this '69 Willie Davis, which is quite nice of him, and a couple of other items that are right up my place of residence.

Minis! But of course.

But this is the one that made me go running to my stack of 1975 minis to add it to the pile. I put it on the stack, and then I realized that I need one of these minis for my Dodger binder, too. Koufax, you know.

So I went to take the card off the stack, and when I did, I knocked the minis all over the desk and onto the floor.

I spent a few minutes picking them up, digging them out from under the desk and between boxes of cards, and then sorting them back into order. I was thoroughly disgusted during the entire exercise because my most favorite cards of all-time really should be in pages. In a binder. Like all self-respecting cards of worth and value.

I know I've harped on this before, and the Ultra Pro people are working on it -- but I haven't heard from them in awhile.

So I just did what I didn't want to do, solely for the safety of the cards.

I put the minis that I had into the traditional 2 1/2-by-3 1/2 size pages and threw them in a binder, even though I already knew what was going to happen.

Here you see cards 109 through 117 (I'm missing No. 111, Wayne Garrett). Check out that wonderfully miscut Orioles team card.

You will also note that none of the cards are freaking straight. I detest this. What's the point of displaying them in a binder if they're going to be able to swim around in the pages and take whatever position they like?

So, I tried anchoring each card to the bottom left corner of the page, like so:

Pretty straight, enough for my tastes. But we all know they're not staying that way.

A simple turn of the page and you get this:

Wilbur Wood starts going for a walk.

Turn the page again, and you get this:

Just complete disarray.

I don't know about you, but I don't have the time to keep straightening each page of minis every time the pages move. I also don't want to keep knocking over my stack of '75 minis again and again either.

I have 3 pages of '75-mini style pages, graciously sent to me by folks who remember when they made pages that size. But I can't fit my set in those pages.

I'm thinking that until Ultra Pro -- or somebody -- realizes the need for these pages that maybe I could store my minis in a box. But I'd need one shaped to fit the mini size. Does anyone know of boxes that size so the minis don't move around?

I really am a person who likes order. You might not be able to grasp that by looking at my desk at work, or my card desk at home. But there's a reason why I chose this hobby. It features little cards with numbers on the back that you can put in order.

Right now my minis have no order. Just disorder.


  1. This situation doubles when it comes to my A&G miiinnniii miiinnnnniiiis.

  2. Sorry.

    I'll never send you cards again.

  3. @Stealing Home ~

    Ultra Pro makes pages to fit A&G minis.

    I might have a couple leftover. I'll check and send them with the card package I plan to send you some year.