Sunday, February 17, 2013

Some junk while I'm looking for junk

There are a number of hobby tasks I must address both here on the blog and elsewhere. But today is not the day for that because -- say it with me -- I have no time.

I am spending my day working, as well as searching for cards for people as I continue to dig out from a backlog of IOUs dating to at least last November. I'm progressing as I've gone from about 5 weeks behind to 3-4 weeks behind.

One of those folks on the "find him cards" list is Jaybarkerfan's Junk, just because I know he needs more Junk. I know that because he keeps sending cards out to people at a pace that could only be described as "frantic." I feel obligated to replenish his supply.

This is the second time in the last couple of months that he's sent cards to me unsolicited-like. And, just like the last time, the cards are both tailored to my interests and gloriously random.

A creased checklist from 1971 Topps?

That is both very specific and "where is this coming from?" at the same time. I admire that.

Speeding rapidly 36 years into the future, here is a mini of Dodger clubhouse cancer Luis Gonzalez.

In true junk-themed fashion, I despise these variation backs yet need the card for my collection, as I have the A&G -backed Gonzalez already but not the regular back. I no longer feel shame for admitting that. I've moved past that stage and into the "yes, I'm weird about my collection but you're weird about other things" stage.

The time machine takes a 180-degree turn and careens back 23 years to 1984 to present two remarkably similar pitchers who took different career paths. Fernandez and Valenzuela were just two years apart in '84, yet Fernandez was just starting out and Valenzuela an established veteran at only 23 years old.

I coveted the Rated Rookie Fernandez card for quite some time, and it still produces some twinges of longing in that part of my brain that doesn't realize that I own the card.

Hurtling back through the junkosphere 13 more years, here is 1970 Alan Foster. A fresh-and-shiny rookie full of promise.

The card isn't quite as fresh and shiny. It bears the indentation of an oversized coin (or perhaps an undersized bottle) near the bottom center. It doesn't bother me in the least and I will add it to my Dodger binder, where the other 1970 Alan Foster will gladly make room for it -- WITHOUT A WORD OF COMPLAINT.

(Sometimes you have to speak loudly to them).

Finally, we sail forward 42 years to 2012 and one of the few items that I have been able to win in blog contests over the last year. B.J. Upton's game-used-whatever-the-hell-it-is-because-Topps- isn't-going-to-tell-you card was the prize in one of Jaybarkerfan's Free Card Friday rounds.

I already have a destination in mind for this card.

That's pretty great of JBF to hold weekly contests. And to send out random PWEs.

Which is why I should be looking for cards for him (and others) instead of pretending to fly around in a time machine to further pretend that this isn't a horridly disguised trade post.

Speaking of junk.


  1. That's not a horribly disguised trade post sir. Even your trade posts have worthwhile content. I can't say the same for mine.

  2. It's not every day you win a BJ on the internet.