Monday, November 5, 2012

What a maroon

I received a healthy smattering of these Upper Deck Looney Tunes cards from madding at Cards on Cards recently.

Although I have some of the Looney Tunes cards already, I recognized many of the ones I received as cards that I didn't have. I know this because Bugs and company happen to be sitting in one of my Dodgers binders and I leaf past them all the time.

I don't exactly feel comfortable about this. I grew up on Bugs -- before all the Space Jam nonsense -- so I am proud to own some of his cards. But putting him in a binder with Sandy Koufax, Mike Piazza and Reggie Smith? Just because Bugs is wearing a Dodger cap? Is this what I've become? Could an artist somewhere draw a Dodger cap on an orange, slap it on a card and -- BOOM -- it would be in my Dodger binders? What am I doing?

Well, what I'm doing now is wondering how many of these cards there are. There seems to be a lot, with scary large numbers like "451" on them. Plus, the only cards I have are ones in which Bugs, or some other toon, is wearing a Dodgers cap. Are there cards in the set where he's wearing other teams' caps? Or is my team the only lucky one?

I need to know this stuff because every once in awhile I ponder the amount of space my binders are taking up in the house, and my thought goes instantly to these Looney Tunes cards. "Well, I probably SHOULD remove all of those Bugs Bunny cards. The only cartoon that should be in the binder is Tommy Lasorda (*rim shot*)."

And as terrific as I think it is to see Yosemite Sam with a Dodger cap on his head, I keep picturing myself trying to explain to someone why Bugs Bunny cartoons are in the binder with all the Dodgers.

(Yes, I really do think that there will be a real, live conversation with real, live people about the content of my binders some day. I need help).

I did some very brief research on this set -- meaning I did a couple Google searches -- and didn't find much. So if anyone has any details, I'd appreciate it. And if anyone is throwing these in with their team binders, I'd like to know that, too. I can't be the only maroon.

Meanwhile, I'll show you some other cards from Cards on Cards that I KNOW belong in the Dodger binders.

Yeah, we'll start slow. Andruw Jones AND Documentary just barely belong in the binders.

This is better. That completes the '96 Bazooka team set for me. I've been finishing off team sets rapidly lately. It makes me feel better about not accomplishing any real life goals around here.

I see madding's been shopping at the fancy store. I've never seen Bowman Sterling in any setting other than a trade package. I don't even know where they originate. They're probably grown by gardeners in the backyard of some card mogul's mansion.

Goodness. Topps Tribute. More fancy! This is the frequently used photo of Johnny Podres in a train conductor's cap. I've seen it a few too many times to be amused anymore.

But this one is FANTASTIC!

Don Zimmer caught on camera quenching his thirst at the water cooler! A 1950s water cooler! Look at him. "What the hell you doing? You takin' a picture of me getting a drink?" This might be the best card I ever get this year.

All right, this card is definitely not going in the Dodger binder. But it IS much appreciated. I don't think I've obtained a card for my 2008 Heritage completion quest in more than a year. All that's left are high numbers, and this is a high number.

Only 19 cards to go! At the rate I'm going, I'll be done in 20 years.

I don't want to think about how many binders I'll have by then.


  1. If there were Red Sox Looney Toon cards I would put them in my team binders.

    Greg - What do you do? A post from Dime Boxes got me thinking about the space in my team binders too. Right now I only use one side of each card page. Nick talked about putting 18 cards in a page rather than 9 and it got me thinking how much money I could save on pages. I'm thinking about doing it for everything except my vintage binder.

  2. I've got a Porky Pig Hologram where he's wearing a Braves cap so more than the Dodgers were featured in that thing. There was a football version too if you can believe it...

  3. AdamE ~

    The vast majority of my binders are 18 cards a page. I have too many cards and can't afford all those binders to do nine aside.

  4. I'm not sure if other teams are represented, but it makes sense that the Dodgers are prominent. As the story goes, Bugs Bunny was born under Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, and is by birthright a Dodgers fan... In fact, his accent has a decidedly Brooklyn flavor to it

  5. Ernest - i never knew that one about bugs' birthplace. of course, it would make sense the greatest cartoon character ever would be a Dodger fan.

    N.O. lets hope nobody gets you started on a Scooby Doo Dodger cards quest !

  6. What about the Saved by the Bell cards? Zach did ditch school and catch a foul ball at a Dodger game. That's probably depicted in the set.

  7. On further review, it should go in the binder. Besides the Ebbetts Field story, Bugs also spent a lot of time in Albuquerque so he probably was a fan of your guys in blue who played there including Ron Cey.