Saturday, November 10, 2012

My want list almost finished someone off

I try to make my want list as thorough as possible, but it will never be as thorough as I'd like it. I fall behind with a lot of the new sets (there is no 2012 Bowman Chrome or Topps Update list yet). And I omit most inserts and parallels, mostly to preserve my sanity.

But still some people find my want list daunting to go through. I don't mean it to be that way. I just want to give people OPTIONS. I'm someone who is annually frustrated by my dad's Christmas wants. He usually mentions about 3 things, none of which could actually be anything he really wants.

I don't want to do that to people. So I create a big, giant, wonderful, stupendous want list and let people dive in.

I'm always grateful when people take a chance and go through it, especially if it's not their thing.

I know it's not Oscar's thing. My fellow Dodger buddy runs the All Trade Bait, All The Time blog, and he's said several times that he can't handle all those lists and numbers. But for whatever reason, he decided to take the plunge this time.

He said it made his eyes bleed -- which is the sign of an excellent want list. I've done good.

Plus, he found some cards that I need. And that's all that counts, right? Your eyes will stop bleeding eventually. They've got medicine for that, I'm sure.

So want to see what I got while Oscar was dealing with Want list-ophilia?

Sure you do.

I'll start big. Another Dodger Pedro, from one of the better Bowman sets ever created.

And the last card I needed to finish off the '93 Ted Williams team set. I love getting Tommy Davis cards.

 A trio of Skybox Metal Dodgers from 1999. These scanned a lot more greenish than they are.

This is the more acceptable version of the "pictured with one team but listed with another" card. It took me a few days to realize that Penny was with the Red Sox.

But this one is terrible. It's filled with Cub-ness. Just deflating. I suddenly feel like a loser. In fact, I think I just lost something simply viewing the card.

I need some sparkly to lift me out of that funk of ineptitude. This will do nicely.

And some liquorfractor cards! Still like these. And it's one of the rare exceptions to my want list "no parallels" rule. I've got all my liquor wants noted there. ... uh, liquor-CARD wants.

This package was filled with Ishii cards. This one is numbered to 100. I think it's because of the gold foil, as it's the only thing I can spot that's different. We were so simple about our parallels back in '04.

I love this card. If the 1954 Topps featured all black backdrops, it would be the most popular vintage set of all-time.

Staying with the '54 theme, we're in the reprint portion of this post.

I have the original versions of each of these reprints, which makes me wonder why I want them.

I also have the originals for all of these except the Hodges card (and I had that one in my hand at the last card show -- stupid, stupid). But they sure look pretty all together like that.

Ah, yes, one of these things. Celebrating the Dodgers being swept. I need my head checked for requesting this card.

Many thanks, Oscar, for entering the inner sanctum of the want list and surviving!

You are a strong, strong man.

I'll have to make sure the want list is fully updated for the next time.



  1. I have never seen Skybox Metal from '99. I need to track those down.

    Your want list is daunting but, it makes trading with you fun. I spend a decent amount of time going through your want list and am happy when I have some extra ones to mail you.

  2. I am not entirely sure, but I believe seeing that McGriff mathematically eliminates the Dodgers for the 2013 playoffs.

  3. The crazy thing about your wantlist is that it NEVER seems to get smaller no matter how many cards you post. It makes me a little less sad that my Rangers have only been around since '72.