Monday, June 4, 2012

You again, 3 years later

A little more than three years ago, I made a list of the 10 players that I am the most sick of pulling from packs. Those are the players that show up the most times when I buy packs, or maybe it's just a player that I've never heard of who keeps popping up over and over. Or maybe it's a player who's a downright irritant, no matter how many times he appears.

I decided to update that post, even though I don't buy nearly as many packs as I did back then and don't exactly feel qualified to do this post.

It was interesting to look back on my innocent viewpoint back then. For one, I didn't have much of a problem with Mark Teixeira, relatively speaking anyway. I also had barely heard of Zack Greinke.

For those who don't enjoy clicking links, here was the top 10 three years ago, in reverse order:

10. Mark Teixeira
9. Alex Rodriguez
8. Jose Vidro
7. Nook Logan
6. Zack Greinke and Tom Gorzelanny
5. Jeff Weaver
4. Eric Chavez
3. Carlos Lee
2. Todd Helton
1. Mickey Mantle

I have to say I'm not thrilled when I pull any of those players out of a pack still. But there's only one player on there that appears on the updated list. I suppose I could include Mickey Mantle on every list for the rest of time. But the truth is, he isn't plaguing packs as much as he was three years ago.

In fact, there are no Yankees on my top 10 list this time. Don't worry, I haven't gotten soft. Every time I pull a Teixeira, it feel like I was shorted a card. But nobody on the team seems to appear at a rapid rate at the moment.

By the way, Miguel Cabrera gets the coveted No. 11 spot.

Here is the new top 10:

10. Mark Trumbo

For the record, I know who Mark Trumbo is, and I know he can hit home runs. But he's an Angel, so I don't care. I'm also not addicted to the Young Superstar as so many other collectors are. The Young Superstar must be on my team for me to care. But Topps doesn't care about the team and set collector. It thinks that everyone who's ever bought a pack only wants cards of Young Studs. Earth to Topps: I'm not a randy female. I'm just looking for players on my team.

9. Stephen Strasburg

I think this is a combination of too many Strasburg cards from Topps and dumb luck. I seem to have a strange ability to pull parallels of Strasburg. Nothing this year. But the year's young.

8. Torii Hunter

When he was a Twin, I couldn't pull his card for anything. Now that he's an Angel, it's like my home is covered in Hunter-card-nip. They just gravitate toward me. This proves my theory that I am a Twins card repellent, but that I pull more Angels cards than any other team.

7. Hunter Pence

I know this is a sticker, but Hunter doesn't confine himself to appearing only in card form in my packs! And he can be an Astro or a Phillie. Doesn't matter. He just shows up. All goofy-like.

6. Jayson Werth

Everytime I pull a Werth card, I can feel the momentum sucked out of the pack. It's as if someone popped the pack with a balloon and any card goodness is evaporated into the air. When I view a Werth card, I get the feeling that this is what it's like for significant others when we show them our cards. Nothing registers.

5. Ian Desmond

I just realized there are three Nationals on this list. Four years in the league and somebody still has to tell me who he is. You'd think with all the cards I pull of him that I'd know something. But I see that Nationals uniform and everything goes dark.

4. Carlos Lee

The only guy on both lists. I don't pull Lee cards as often I did when I was forced to build a shrine to the man (if you go over a certain number of cards of a player in your collection, it's legally required). But I think I'm still suffering from the shock of 2005-09.

3. Troy Tulowitzki

I think someone heard me practically label him Mr. Baseball and assumed that I want cards of him. He seems to be the first insert I pull in any set. Also, I have purchased exactly 3 packs of Topps Archives this year (I don't expect to buy any more). Guess how many Tulowitzki '71 cards I've pulled? Hint: I have two extras.

2. Brian Wilson

Ha-ha! Look at him! He's funny! (To some people). He has a big beard! He makes stupid taco commercials! Look, dogs playing poker! Let's put him on lots and lots of cards and double-print them all! You can tell me there's no double-printing going on these days. But my four or five Wilson Heritage cards don't believe you.

1. Johnny Cueto

Far and away the player I pull the most. He shows up in every set, the first pack. It's almost to the point of audible exasperation whenever I see his face. I also didn't appreciate that this card seems to have some sort of birthmark (just below the Heritage logo).

So that's the updated list.

These guys are also the reason I don't buy as many current cards as I once did. I care less and less about the new guys, especially the ones not on my team.

So if you're out there thinking "I'll take all your Trumbo cards!" or "I'll take all your Pence cards!" just remember, I just don't have a lot of current cards.

But when I DO buy a pack, there they are. Again.


  1. Glad to see Carlos Lee has staying power.

  2. If I were to do a list like this, lee and tulowitzki would both be on it for sure. I could use that desmond card BTW.

  3. 1978 Mike Lum. I got 22 of them before completing my set. None of us knew about double-printed cards back then. I think I've been able to trade two of them so far. 1981 was worse, but at least it involved more than one player.

  4. Besides Carlos Lee, I don't think there's a single player I pull similar to your list. I have a nasty habit of pulling Kemps and Kershaws. Those are easy to find homes for though, so it doesn't bother me.

  5. You may be Twins card repellent, but you've given me some really decent Twins cards in the past. Me? I'm Dodger card repellent and I have given you pretty much zero decent Dodger cards. I swear, though. As soon as I get something good, it's going RIGHT to your mail box.

  6. Lance Berkman. For about 3 years every time I got a memorabilia card is was freakin' Lance Berkman. I have nothing against him personally but I don't like the Astros, Yankees or Cardinals.

  7. I just stumbled on this blog. I've just recently gotten back into collecting baseball cards again, so I asked the interwebs what it thought about that.

    I love this site. Your writing is humorous, and a treat to read through.

    Keep up the great work!