Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yeah, that's about right

I thought this was amusing.

Sean Casey was inducted into the Reds' Hall of Fame last weekend. Casey, as you know, was a gregarious first baseman who played for several teams, but mainly for the Reds. He spent his first season of professional baseball in Watertown, N.Y., which is where I call home. I've interviewed him in the past, and he was chipper-gee-golly-whiz each and every time.

But I liked him even more after hearing this anecdote.

Casey was known as "The Mayor" because of the way he chatted up everyone during games. He loved to talk to base runners when they reached first.

Well, here's his story of meeting Rickey Henderson for the first time, relayed on Saturday at the big ceremony:

"My rookie year, I was like three weeks up, I was so excited to be here," Casey said. "Rickey Henderson singled to left or something, and he's at first base. I'm so excited, 23-year-old, wide-eyed. I'm like, 'Hey man, great job, good swing. I've got your baseball card, 1980 Topps.' He kind of looked at me like, 'Shut up, I don't even know who you are.'"

Yeah, Sean, don't worry about it.

Us collectors get that reaction all the time. Sometimes from people right in our own family.

Just keep on smiling. We know you're cool.

Hope you hung on to that Henderson rookie.


  1. Rickey was Rickey long before Manny was Manny. Two of my greatest Rangers memories are of Nolan Ryan striking out Henderson for his 5000th and him stealing some of Rickey's limelight with his 7th no-hitter.

  2. If I had played, I would have been the same way as Casey - I would have been a bit star struck at many players. I am always amazed when players look down on other players in regards to baseball cards, autographs, etc.

  3. Sean Casey in ANY Hall of Fame? Hmmm...

    Love Rickey! The only player to impact the game like Rickey was Babe Ruth.

  4. Casey has been a part of my PC for awhile. Great guy.

  5. I had a chance to go to the 1990 All-Star Game. I remember two players being incredibly annoying to the fans during BP - I can't recall one, but the other was Rickey of course.

    I never heard that about Casey, thanks for adding another player to my list of good guys. I haven't been adding many the last few years.