Thursday, June 21, 2012

Awesome night card, pt. 145

I'm starting to miss Matt Kemp. How 'bout you?

The Dodgers are no longer the best team in baseball. They've been alternating wins and losses for the last week. The schedule looks brutal for the next month. How many more times are we going to play the Angels?

So I pulled out this handy card I received from 2 By 3 Heroes to remember the good times.

On September 22 of last year, Matt Kemp doubled in the first, doubled in the fifth, doubled in the sixth, and then homered in the eighth. All against the Giants. Sweeeeeeeet.

I'm hoping that what I'm seeing on this card is Kemp's home run that day, a two-run shot off of Barry Zito. He IS in a home run-watching pose. He IS in his home whites. It DOES look like Dodger Stadium behind him. But we know how that goes with Topps.

As you know, Kemp is the leading vote-getter in the National League for the All-Star Game. (Far cry from last year). I'm in the confusing situation of wanting him to get better so he can start in the game and wanting him to show restraint so he doesn't go and do something stupid in the All-Star Game.

But mostly I just want him to get better.

I know not all of you are Dodger fans and you can't relate.

But, for the love of God, think of your fantasy team.

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  1. My fantasy team is EXACTLY why I miss Matt Kemp. My guy Andre Ethier was hitting a hell of a lot better with Kemp in there covering his ass.