Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Want list request filled ... in triplicate

I've said this many times, but a want list is a wonderful, wonderful thing. If you have a blog and don't have a want list, I have only one question for you:

"What? You don't like cards?"

Posting a want list on your blog is such a successful enterprise that it can be a little TOO successful at times.

One small example:

I received this non-descript, late 1990s card of Jose Vizcaino throwing out an anonymous Brave (I choose to keep him anonymous because it's a Brave. I don't care) from Wes at Jaybarkerfan's Junk. It was part of a big lot of Dodgers that I'll show some other time.

I was very happy to receive the card because like a lot of my late '90s wants, it's been sitting on the want list  forever. I'm convinced nobody was collecting cards during the late '90s. With all the Yankee championships at that time, I understand. Too depressing to do anything at all.

So with one '98 Fleer Tradition want eliminated, I went on my merry way. A few days later, I opened another card package from Smed's Baseball Card Blog. You'll see those items later, too.

But you'll see this one first:

There's that Brave again being retired effectively, efficiently, justly.

But by this time -- even though it was only a couple days later -- I had forgotten that I had just received the same card. I went to my want list to check it off and saw that the card number wasn't listed anymore.

"That's strange," I thought. "I don't remember seeing this card before."

Ah, old age. That short-term memory is not going to get any better.

I looked the card up in my binder. I didn't see it and decided I had made a mistake. I put it in my "need" pile and moved on again.

The very next day, I got a package from Spiegel at Nomo's Sushi Platter. Recite after me: you'll see the other cards he sent another day.

But here is one of them now:

You can slide all you want for as long as you want Bravey. You're still outski.

OK, by now I KNEW that I had this card already. I may be slipping in the memory department, but I DO remember most of what happened yesterday.

I went through my stacks of cards from recent packages -- the ones that I haven't scanned or blogged about yet -- and found the other two '98 Jose Vizcainos.

Two weeks ago this card had been languishing on my want list for three years. And within a handful of days, I received the card three times.

But why this card? Why not the other 15 or so '98 Fleer Tradition Dodgers that I still need?

Is it because of the entertainment value of seeing a Brave forced out at second?
Is it because Vizcaino is one of the 3 players to have played for the Yankees, Mets, Dodgers and Giants?

The wonders of the want list cannot be answered. Just enjoy it for what it is because you'll never figure it out.

Just get yourself one. Even if it means getting three Jose Vizcainos.


  1. My want list has 3 Mantle rookie cards on it. LET'S GET MOVING, INTERNET!

    (hey - it was worth a shot)

  2. I guess we're moving on from being "Bipped" to "Vizzed".

  3. I need 2 of that card! Convenient?

  4. I love a detailed want list, and yours was an inspiration to start a blog. Want lists rock, the more detailed, the more fun I have gathering cards for folks. But, I don't know what to say about that Viz. My guess is wormholes.

  5. want lists definitely do rock.

    Did you read about Jonathan Broxton hitting 2 straight batters to end a game? I did, and I immediately thought "wonder what night owl will say about that"? There's your bait :)


  6. Already commented on it here: