Friday, April 13, 2012

A card worth saluting

Who remembers the Bicentennial?

Probably not a lot of you. But I do. I always felt blessed to experience one of our country's centennial celebrations. You kind of have to land on the right birth square to enjoy one. I was 10 years old in 1976 and even at that young age, I couldn't make a move without knowing that it was our country's bicentennial.

I still remember receiving Ranger Rick magazine in the mail (anybody remember that? Anyone?) The subscription was a gift from my nature-loving grandmother, and it was my first subscription to a magazine ever. I treasured those once-a-month visits from our furry friends. And for July 1976, Ranger Rick featured a bald eagle on the cover. I swelled with the first stirrings of patriotic pride.

I remember the grandest 4th ever, my horrific experience with red, white and blue ice cream (they had not perfected "blue food" back then), and the endless celebrations in my town.

And every time I see a card from the 1976 Kellogg's 3-D set, I think of those times. Because Kellogg's was observant enough to deck out its '76 set in patriotic colors. They were truly in the spirit of '76.

This was the year before I started stalking boxes of Frosted Flakes for Kellogg's cards, so I didn't see many of the cards from '76. But I'm guessing some people collected the whole set just to have a momento from the Bicentennial.

I don't have any momentos from '76 anymore. I'm sure I had plenty when I was 11. But even all my Ranger Rick magazines are long gone.

So this Kellogg's card will commemorate that special time for me. I received it from Bob. It was originally a Nebulous 9 need. But now it symbolizes everything that's great about our country. Baseball included (or especially).

It sure brings back a lot of memories.

All of you who don't know what I'm talking about will just have to hang on for 2076.


  1. bicentennial - check
    ranger rick - check
    9 yrs old in 1976 - check
    patriotic everything - check

    I love 1976. Currently doing a poll on 1976's best baseball cards.

    Nice post! Thanks!

  2. I love 1976. I love the 1976 baseball season. I love the Baseball Stats from that year. How they were dominated by Foster, Rose, Schmidt, Kingman. But when I think of Baseball Ball cards for that year I always think of the 1977 set because they had the 1976 stats on the back. The 1976 Topps set itself was kind of bland sandwhich between the 1975 and 1977 sets. I also thought the 1976 Kellogg set was kind of bland when compared to the other. The 1976, 1982 and 1983 Kellogs sets all seem the same to me.

  3. I met my wife in '73 but got engaged in '76. I remember the huge fireworks display that was promised for Houston's July 4th celebration and how long we waited on a bridge overlooking the downtown area. It was a disappointing show as I recall.

    Funny thing, I had three or four Kelloggs cards that I originally collected as they were issued. None were Orioles. The Sutton is that last one to go.

    Now I've replaced those with the 3 Orioles cards. Another case of Oriole collection osmosis.

  4. I still have a set bicentennial proof coins. It was the year I stopped collecting cards. I was in High School. Girls. Now I'm married and I collect cards. Not sure what that says.

  5. Crap, I'm gonna have to be 96 to see one!


  6. I was a bicentennial baby, but I was born on the late side for the actual bicentennial. I was born 3 months after July 4th, which kind of sucks. I have to live to nearly 100 years old to see my country celebrate a centennial.

    I do love those Kellogg's cards though. And I also have a soft spot for the Post and Quaker cards from the 1980s as well. Even if they weren't as good.

  7. I remember the Bicentennial. To beat the crowds my family took a patriotic vacation to the New England area in 1975 fun stuff. I was 11 in '76.

    Ranger Rick yep remember it used to have a subscription. One of those transfer with water type stickers they had I put on a mini poster of the Pink Panther from Dynamite Magazine (or Bananas) along with a few other stickers I still have that mini poster somewhere. Ah the things we do when drunk with childhood. Odd I collected 1975 cards but not 1976, except for Football I remember that was the first set that had the Buccaneers and Seahawks. I tried to concentrate on getting them along with my homie team the Redskins and fave team Rams in recent years I have traded away many of the Seahawks and Bucs cards.

  8. Ranger Rick only rings a very vague bell. I guess I was more of a Highlights boy. Goofus and Gallant anyone?

    My only vivid recollection from the Bicentennial was watching the tall ship regatta in NY Harbor on TV.

  9. 1976 was a great year for cards. Topps' photo selection/quality was excellent and we also got Hostess and Kellogg's sets (I still miss those). I was 9 going on 10 in 1976 and I remember the Bicentennial stuff well.