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C.A.: 1975 Topps Pedro Borbon

(Last night, I lived in fear that Bryce Harper would do something to embarrass the Dodgers. Instead, despite some impressive moves by Harper, L.A. showed exactly who the star of that game was. Isn't that right, Topps?  Here's to appreciating proven veterans like Matt Kemp over "the next sensation." Time for Cardboard Appreciation. This is the 140th in a series):

I know not everyone reads set blogs. They just aren't every collector's thing. Obviously, I find them very interesting, for a variety of reasons.

One of those reasons is that set blogs seem to attract those connected to major leaguers unlike your generic blog like Night Owl Cards, probably because they can find their relative's name in the post title. I've been blessed to receive correspondence from former big leaguers or their family members on both blogs. But the one that receives the most interaction, far and away, is my now completed 1975 Topps (it's far out, man) blog.

The most recent correspondence came Saturday.

It was on the post that I made on the 1975 Topps Pedro Borbon card.

It was in reference to a statement that I made in the post:

Here was the comment that was left:

Is that awesome or what?

I love little insights like that into big league baseball players. Anything that brings the human element to these people that we like to make larger than life.

I admit that when I was a kid, I didn't like Pedro Borbon (the Dodgers and Reds were mortal enemies), and Borbon's unsmiling ways made me think he just wanted to drill all my lovable Dodgers in the head.

But now that I read the comment from his daughter, I know that smiling was just not in his nature. But being a jokester WAS.

That is cool, because I'm pretty much the same way (ask my mother, the picture-taker).

So here are all of Borbon's cards. After looking at them one more time, I suppose you could say he might be smiling -- or at least smirking -- in a couple.

I'm taking a look at the photos, especially the posed shots, and now imagining that he was just finished telling a joke, with that scowl on his face, and ...

Well, his daughter's right.

It sure makes me smile.


Commishbob said…
That's so cool. I've wondered if I'll ever hear from the family of someone who's card I've posted. Not likely. I'd have to actually have readers first.

Closest I've come is an email from the daughter of the late Ed Hughes, former NFL coach. I named my fantasy football league after him and after about 30 years she stumbled over it with a Google search. She sent me a nice message.

My #1 memory of Pedro Bourbon was when he accidentally put on Ken Harrelson's cap after the Reds and Mets had duked it on during a game in the early 70's. Bourbon took it off his head and used his teeth to tear a chunk out of the cap.
Hackenbush said…
Cool story. My dad wasn't much for smiling in pictures either but was a funny guy. Your guy Ted Lilly also.
AdamE said…
I don't like bright lights and 99% of the time pictures catch me in a half squint. When my grandma shows people pictures of me as a kid she says there's Adam, drunk again...

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