Monday, December 12, 2011

Awesome night card, pt. 133

First, if you have an aversion to reading to the end of posts, or clicking on links, or reading labels, then you probably missed my mention in the last post that I have officially created a '71 Topps blog. Again, it's not starting until sometime next month, and I've still got work to do on it, but you can check it out if you're into it.

OK, now for a little newspaper story.

Our newspaper is owned by a family that goes way, way back. A few years ago, that family acquired some smaller newspapers that are also in our coverage area. Once fierce rivals, we are all now fellow employees.

You can imagine how awkward that is. And there isn't a week that goes by in which that awkwardness doesn't pop up and sing, "HELLO!"

But mostly it's more confusing than awkward. Trying to coordinate several people from several different newspapers that are hours away is not easy. One of the many, many small things that must be considered is which newspaper gets which photographs and why. I had been under the impression that each newspaper would receive different sports photos. If we covered a game, every paper got a unique photo just for their very own.

Then I noticed that the same photo was sometimes appearing in multiple papers. But before I got a chance to tell the photographers to "stop that," I was told that it didn't matter. The newspapers were probably far enough away that no one would notice anyway.

Oh. OK.

So, carry on, O-Pee-Chee. It's all clear.

I mean you guys aren't mere hours away from Topps. You're in a whole other country!

Besides, it's not even the same photo. See? His wrist is angled a little more in the Topps card. And the glove is positioned differently. Or maybe it is the same photo, and the picture was taken from a different angle.

Whatever, it doesn't matter.

Card companies use the same photos all the time now on different brands.

One less thing to worry about for me, I guess. Both as a collector and on the job.

That's a good thing.


Night Card Binder candidate: Jack Morris, 1991 O-Pee-Chee Premier, Card #84
Does it make the binder?: Yes. I'll try to keep it at least an hour away from the '91 Topps Morris

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