Sunday, September 26, 2010

Awesomest night card tourney, round 1, part 2

A hobbled Kirk Gibson is the first winner in the Awesomest Night Card Tournament. Gibby's celebratory moment edged out Davey Lopes in the 1977 NLCS to advance to the next round of the tourney. Here is the final voting tally:

1. Kirk Gibson, '88 WS, 1989 Upper Deck -- 17 votes
2. Dave Lopes, '77 NLCS, 1978 Topps -- 13 votes
3. Endy Chavez, 2007 Topps -- 7 votes
4. Britt Burns, 1983 Topps -- 4 votes
5. Steve Foster, 1992 Donruss -- 4 votes

Last week I thought that the Chavez card would win. It's a tremendous photo and a tremendous moment. But I'm glad the Gibson card won. Dodger greatness is always worth a vote.

Let's see what the next round brings. Here is the next group of night cards vying for your vote:

1989 Topps John Tudor: One of my favorite night cards. It's the only night card in the '89 set. The fact that Topps was able to get Tudor into a Dodger uniform so quickly, since he was traded late in the '88 season, was quite a feat for its time.

1989 Upper Deck Gary Carter: Carter appears to be dashing from a ghostly figure behind him. Another one of '89 Upper Deck's many night cards.

2008 Topps Updates & Highlights Chase Utley: The first horizontal night card featured. Not a fan of 2008 Topps, but I do like this card.

1992 Upper Deck Ruben Sierra: The blurred bat-on-ball action is cool. But the reason I selected this card was because of Sierra's glow-in-the-dark batting gloves.

1993 Donruss Spirit of the Game Kevin Gross: You can't tell from the scan that this is a Donruss card or that it says "Spirit of the Game" because the foil is faded. But all you need to know is the card was celebrating Kevin Gross' no-hitter. Good enough for me.

1990 Score Warren Moon: I'll throw in a 6th card. This is one of just two non-baseball Awesome Night Cards so far. Moon was once my fantasy team quarterback. He was a good one.

OK, there you are. Time to vote. Poll is on the sidebar. Pick whichever one is the nightiest.


  1. Since the other cards either have Dodgers, are Upper Deck, or are of some crappy home run derby, I gotta go with the Moon card. Actually, I think the Moon card is a cool one. :)

  2. All other night cards are being out on notice. Moon is about to take the whole thing...

  3. I had to give the day-glo Ruben Sierra card my vote. The Moon card is cool, but that's trickery by Score. No fair.