Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wish granted

I don't know how you guys do it. It's like you read minds or something. And how do you time packages so perfectly?

It's a little bit scary.

My wife threw the mail on the table Saturday afternoon in the midst of one of her mad "clean up the entire outside" binges. A yellow package scooted out from underneath the stack of pale, sickly looking white bill envelopes and slid over to me.

It was from Kris. Inside was the team set from the 2010 Albuquerque Isotopes, the Dodgers' beloved Triple A team. Thirty-five cards of once and future and never-will-be Dodgers. He knows what I like.

But this set was extra important, because for two weeks I have been shouting at random everywhere and anywhere: "I WANT MY ELY CARD!" People look at me like I'm insane, but I don't care. It must come out. I will damage myself if I contain it.

John Ely, if you're one of those clueless people who likes basketball or something, is a growing sensation in Southern California. Acquired in the trade for Juan Pierre during the offseason, he has delivered four straight quality starts and is 3-1. He went 89 straight batters without allowing a walk at one point.

And, on the day of his start Saturday night against the Tigers, his victory against the Tigers, I pulled my first Ely card out of the pack of Isotopes cards sent by Kris.

Perfect timing. Wish granted.

The alternatives -- tearing apart packs of detestable Bowman cards that I don't even want to buy or waiting forever to buy the card online -- at least at a non-inflated price -- were not attractive. Sure, I'll still try to get the Bowman Ely card and any other Dodger Ely card that pops up. But I'm not nearly as desperate. And people can stop looking at the crazy guy shouting "ELY COMING, HIDE YOUR HEART GIRL" because Ely is officially here.

And so are a few more of the 'Topes:

Tim Wallach remains the manager. These cards have a nice low-level gloss on them that they didn't have last year.

Strength coaches always freak me out. They look so INTENSE. It's like a football coach wandered onto a baseball field. I'm not going to say anything else because he might find me and snap me in two. Well, I will say that I'm sure he's a very nice guy.

The apparent successor to Rafael Furcal. Hopefully, he doesn't repeat Furcal's injury issues. Although missing almost all of 2009 was awfully ominous.

I am starting to get depressed about Mr. Elbert. His ERA in Triple A is almost 6. Get it together, man.

Jay Gibbons is 33 and slaughtering Triple A pitching. But I have MLB cards of him from like 2003. I just don't get why he's in the organization. I suppose all of the Dodgers' outfielders could get injured. (two-thirds of them have). Otherwise I'm not sure what he can contribute.

I don't get this either. It's not the '70s anymore. Nobody needs a defensive whiz at short who hits .200.

The Dodgers' next pitching stud. This guy gets me giddy. Not Kershaw giddy, but I'm hoping.

Still rooting for ya, buddy.

Xavier is on his second tour with the Dodgers already this year. He was kind of peeved about getting sent down the last time. But credit to him, he's doing well on the return trip. Hitting .310 for the season.

I love minor league sets because of guys like this. Perez is trying to hook up with team No. 5.

I couldn't scan all the cards so here's the checklist to see who else is in the set.

And there's the nifty little pocket schedule. So cute. I wish I could be there someday.

Much obliged, Kris. I've got a card or two I need to send you.

Oh, and ...


(get well Austin Jackson)


  1. Those are awsome. I want a John Ely card too!

  2. I can't believe the font on their jersey team name.

  3. A strength coach card? Is that as bad as a Scout card? Just stirring the pot a little.