Sunday, May 9, 2010

The first Mother's Day trade post spectacular/extravaganza

I was wracking my brain earlier today trying to come up with a Mother's Day post. But then I realized something.

First, there are three mothers who are a big part of my life. One lives in the house with me, the other is her mom, and the other is my mom. All three of them couldn't give a damn about baseball cards. Not only that, but they don't care about baseball or sports in general really. They certainly don't care about what's written here.

Second, I wrote what I had to say about my mom and baseball last year. That sums it up.

So, given that, I think I have the green light for:


And on we go!!!!!!!

These first cards are from Jim of GCRL. He always seems to be able to track down a Nebulous 9 need. This was the last 1986 Donruss Dodger that I needed to complete that wretched-looking set. The Nebulous 9 list is now eight cards. I'll get to work on getting back to nine.

A pair of Hideo Nomo cards for the collection. That Flair made some nifty-looking cards back in the early aughts. It's too bad they're not around anymore.

Isn't that pretty? I like color with my old-timey ballplayers. They got stuck with black, white and gray all too often.

This is what is known as not framing the subject well.

I like Ron Cey cards that I've never seen before. This is one of those tiny things from the giant Target 100th anniversary set. This particular photo of Cey has been used a few times. I have the same image on a set of 5x7 team photos that I ordered through the mail when I was about 12.

Mike Piazza says he wants to go into the Hall of Fame as a Met. Boo! It's not how I will remember him.

O-Pee-Chee!!!!! Marshall is now the team president of the Chico Outlaws, an independent league team in the Golden Baseball League. His name was just in the news yesterday because his team signed the 18-year-old Japanese female knuckle-baller Eri Yoshida and she had a press conference.

I will not let my personal feelings about Chan Ho Park prevent me from showing his cards anymore. Here you are.

I do not remember the Eric Karros goatee years.

Jim sent a whole mess of 2009 O-Pee-Chee cards that I needed. I declared my interest for completing the set a couple of months ago. Since then, my interest has died down a little. But it will bounce back.

A couple of "Golden Era" players on newer cards. There really aren't a lot of present-day John Roseboro cards. Personally, I'd like to see a whole set of these type of players. Time to end to the avalanche of Mickey Mantle and Jackie Robinson cards.

Dave Roberts is now dealing with Hodgkin's lymphoma and I wish him strength and hope in fighting the disease. Roberts meant quite a bit to two of my teams -- the Dodgers and Red Sox. I'll ignore his time with the Padres and Giants.

Another Hershiser need. Still waiting on that TTM autograph request. Still. Waiting. Coming up on a year now. Maybe I'll learn to become a professional poker player and wind up sitting across the poker table from him. Then I'll spring my autograph request on him.

I did not know they made shiny Victory cards. My innocence is lost.

All right, those were all from Jim and there were many, many more, too. But it wouldn't be a trade post spectacular/extravaganza with cards from just one trade would it?

Here are some cards from Max:

I've gone on record as saying how much I enjoy these Baseball Immortals cards. This one shows Robinson in that same pose that he's in on the 1979 TCMA card. He's still trying to ward off zombies in a field somewhere. But now with a brightly colored lemon-lime border!

A photo of Campanella with a mustache sure is different. I didn't know Campy rocked the stache.

I received this super fancy Ultimate card of Kershaw a mere day or so after I ordered the same card from COMC. Oh, well. I suppose after today's outing I don't mind a duplicate of Clayton.

Awesome! A Zack Wheat card. I will take any Zack Wheat card I can get. The guy still holds a ton of Dodger records.

Thanks, Max (the Swedish hockey player bipping --- Waaaa? -- aside). Still working on the package to send your way.

The next group of cards in the extravaganza/spectacular are from Chris of Nachos Grande. He is in the midst of another group break. I got in on the second one, but I missed the first one.

Fortunately, he had some cards from a second box that he bought when getting stuff for the first group break, and here is some of what I received:

A couple of UD Choice/Collector's Choice Dodgers. I have to be close to having all the Dodgers from this era.

Yay! The last Dodger I needed from the 2005 Upper Deck Classics set! I can't believe Steve Garvey wasn't in this set. Cey, Russell, Lopes, but no Garvey.

And here, Chris pulled a Dodger hit and sent it my way. He seems to pull a lot of special Dodger cards. A lot more than I do.

Pedro Guerrero was my favorite player in the mid-1980s. He had a number of issues, which were detailed in a fine story on last week. He seems to be trying to get his act together now. Hopefully the new Guerrero is here to stay.

These Documentary cards are from Noah, who enjoys sending me some Dodgers out of the blue. But I'm starting to think it's not out of the blue at all. I think all the Mets collectors conspire to send cards all at once to ensure that I'm searching for Mets for the next six months. I owe so many Mets fans these days.

An Archives card of Maury Wills. This card is a duplication of the 1972 Topps card, which was Willis' final card appearance of his playing career.

Some fancy numbered thing (to 1,350!) of Yhency Brazoban. Whatever happened to that guy?

More fancy numberedness. Green is listed as a Diamondback on this card, but you can barely see it.

Another numbered item from the days of Private Stock, which I never knew because I wasn't collecting then.

Good stuff always.

Thanks to Jim, Max, Chris and Noah. And I haven't even gotten to half of the cards that I've received lately.

Oh, well, a trader's work is never done. I guess I have that in common with mothers.


  1. I'm not sure why players even speak up about what team they want to be enshrined as since Wade Boggs ruined it for everyone and now the players have no say.

    I don't see how they select any team other than the Dodgers for Piazza. Given his close personal connection to Tommy Lasorda (without which, he may not have even been drafted) and that fact that he was part of that string of Dodgers ROYs I would think that the Dodgers hat will be on his plaque.

  2. I'm glad that you have come to terms with Chan Ho Park. He's one of my favorites and also I think he is in the top 30 for most hit batsmen. thats always an interesting stat.

  3. re, the bip - I was just trying to commit the most surreal, different, and ultimately useless bipping i could think of. A vague swedish hockey player from 1992 seemed to fit the bill. I was hoping my little bit of performance art bipping would have gotten more of a mention, but oh well...artists are rarely appreciated in their lifetime. I am glad you enjoyed the other cards.

  4. I like the Roseboro card, its super cool! Its amazing how many cards you get in trades.

  5. JM ~

    If you had sent cards of the actual Swedish bikini team, then I would have had material with which to work!

  6. That Zack Wheat card is really sharp. I'm partial to the Teahen card too and it's the first time I've ever seen it!

  7. OWL - Everytime I have seen the Swedish bikini team there was not much "material" involved.

  8. Hopefully I have a shot to be included in your next EXTRAVAGANZA! as I've just put together a little something something for a certain nocternal bird.

    But sorry, no bikini Swedes...