Friday, November 27, 2009

The worst card of 2009, contestant #12

Here is another card that I have waited to obtain before making it a Worst Card of 2009 candidate.

The Upper Deck Retrospective card orgy is a terrific example of quantity over quality. More is better. Might makes right. All you can eat. Consume, consume, consume. It is Black Friday isn't it?

Some might ask: what's wrong with that? After all, we are throwing money down to buy something frivolous. Pieces of cardboard with pictures on them. And in many cases, the more cards a collector has, the happier he is. Upper Deck is giving you more cards, right?

Well, it's the kind of cards, we're getting.

Actually, I don't have that much of a problem with the restrospective set. I don't even have a problem with pulling retrospective cards in my packs, as long as they are baseball players. Because even if I'm not interested in that player, I probably can find someone who is.

Now, basketball, hockey or college football players present more of a challenge. I'm not interested in the cards and the group of people I know who are interested shrinks significantly.

But stuff like the "I Love You Virus" I'm guessing appeals to virtually no one. There is no connection to baseball or sports whatsoever. And it's even less appealing than pulling a political or historical figure, who might have some significance or is at least human.

To me, this card is a complete waste of everyone's time. I also don't subscribe to the idea that at least you're learning something from the card, and your brain might be the better for it.

I didn't sign up for a non-baseball history lesson when I bought the cards. The pack advertises baseball cards, not "great moments in computer hacking." I would not be happy if I went to the grocery store to get peanut butter and the woman behind the check-out unexpectedly threw in some brussel sprouts, charged me for them, and excused it by saying, "they're good for you." I DON'T CARE. I WANTED PEANUT BUTTER, NOT VEGETABLES THAT MAKE ME GAG.

And I wanted baseball cards, not a flippant review of cyber criminal behavior.

This is candidate #12 for the worst card of 2009. And I might dislike it most of all.


  1. My hobby box of Goodwin had 10 of the useless frickin' things. I was ready to fly to vegas to murder everyone at Upper Deck.

  2. I could see the Heritage gimmick cards topping this one if you are a Red Sox or Yankees fan. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure you've found the "winner" for the worst card of the year.

    This one would make me want to fire up the paper shredder.

  3. I think the contest just ended. This is your "champion."

  4. These were especially annoying when they popped up in Goudey, Goodwins and OPC. Enough already Upper Deck. Nobody cares!