Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Awesome night card, pt. 61

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. For me that means the same thing that it means to most people: turkey, stuffing (my favorite part), pies, football, family and lots and lots and lots of kids.

But it also means the likelihood of posing for a family photo. My mother is a camera fiend.

I actually admire her tenacity, because she does not have willing subjects. My brother is notoriously uncooperative. I am more cooperative but am a lousy camera subject. There are many, many horrendous photos of myself in mid-blink or mid-grimace.

It is my hope that I can at least manage to look like Dave Parker or Ryne Sandberg when the flash dazzled this pair of all-stars as Keith Hernandez walked past.

And if that's my goal, then you know I'm in deep trouble.

Have a safe and pleasant Thanksgiving.


  1. I try to remain behind the camera to prevent those awkward "mouth open, about to take a bite that is too big" moments.