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Some of you have wandered into a giveaway

Thanks to all who voted in the comments for their favorite 1970s Topps card of Bert Campaneris.

I didn't know how this little project would go, since I wasn't installing a poll and, let's face it, the whole theme of the post is how Campaneris these days doesn't get the respect he once did. (Also, I was stunned by the amount of folks who never heard about the bat-throwing moment. Where am I hanging out that I see that mentioned at least every other month?)

A surprising 31 people voted for their favorite Campy and the one with the most votes was the one I saw first, the '75 Topps Campy card above.

The voting totals:

'75 Campy - 11 votes
'70 Campy - 4
'72 Campy - 4
'73 Campy - 4
'76 Campy - 4
'74 Campy - 3
'78 Campy - 1

My thanks to the readers who indulged me with their votes, or even if they didn't vote, their comments on that post. To show my appreciation -- for reading, for commenting, for joining in my card talk even if it might not be a subject you know that much, for commenting without knowledge of a contest involved -- every person who commented is now eligible for a giveaway.

Woo! More Friday fun!

Here are the eligible participants:

Chris (from The Collector)
The Angels In Order
The Diamond King
Old Cards
Jeff B - Wax Pack Wonders
Fred Pike
Jamie Meyers
Johnnys Trading Spot
Mike The History Teacher
Brett Alan
hockey kazi
Billy Kingsley
Elliptical Man
Rod (Padrographs)
Jim from Downington
Jeff S.
Jeff (Cowboys star)
Jason T. Carter
Nick (Dime Boxes)
a cracked bat
Brian B

Thank you again, you 36 people.

OK, so this is how it will work. It is first-come, first-serve. I will present the available prizes, much like the other Free Card Friday giveaways around the blogs. You will claim what you want in the comments. First to claim gets the prize.

There are NOT 36 prizes. I don't have that kind of inventory (at least not that I want to give away) and I am just starting to get over my aversion to the post office, so I don't want to be backlogged too much. It will take me quite awhile to get these out as it is. I am also working on usual trade packages at the same time.

So, act quickly!

Some of you won't want this stuff. But I have a feeling some will.

All right here are the prizes. Claim by mentioning the number of the prize.

Prize #1

A complete box of 1987 Fleer Baseball's Game Winners plus six logo sticky sticks!

Prize #2

A complete box of 1987 Fleer Baseball Record Setters with six socking stickers!

Prize #3

Why, there's the man himself, '75 Bert Campaneris, as part of a '75 Topps lot. The Rangers team card is unchecked on the back, the Reds one is checked, along with having cutting issues. But if you're collecting the '75 set, you know that Red checklist is an elusive bugger and it could come in handy.

Prize #4

Four 1975 Topps buybacks! Yup, I've got dupes of these things that aren't of use to me. Perhaps you don't mind the stamps if you're trying to complete the set. The Stanhouse card looks like Earl Weaver chewed it up and spat it out and if you get that reference, you might want these cards.

Prize #5

Six 1979 Topps star cards. You can see there's edge wear but perfectly legitimate for set-building or just admiring the star power.

Prize #6

Nine 1967 Topps cards! Being a card blogger means living a strange world where you have dupes of these things. All cards are in pretty good shape for being 53 years old.

Prize #7

Six 1956 Topps cards with issues! Trimming! Creasing! Writing! Taping! Honestly, keep that 1956 kid away from these cards! But maybe somebody will enjoy the coolness of owning some classic beauties.

Prize #8

Four 1979 Topps Baseball Comics. These are pretty flimsy, but they are 1970s pop art through and through. That's why I love them.

Prize #9

Hey, look! Football cards! I shouldn't have any Patriots in my house, especially those two guys. The Dalvin Cook card is pretty, but I know zero Vikings fans.

Prize #10

A 2014 Stadium Club autographed Maury Wills card. Back in the day, Nachos Grande pulled two of these for me. I somehow kept both of them for this long. ... Don't worry about the weirdness around Maury's eye, that's a top-loader issue.

Prize #11

LOL, want a pack to open? This is about the only unopened pack in the house. If you have an urge to slap Superman tattoos on yourself, this is the best prize.

Prize #12

Nine notables from 2020 Heritage. You thought I'd never get to something current. Well, here it is.

Prize #13

A 2019 A&G Ichiro relic. I pulled this last year. I'm still annoyed that it's Ichrio in a Yankees' get-up. But I know some people don't mind that.

Prize #14

A 12-card lot of A&G minis. Minis seem to have fallen out of favor with current card bloggers. They were a lot more popular with the crowd that left. But even I don't have use for minis that don't fit in my frankenset binder. These are all available.

Prize #15

A 2012 Topps short-print of Clayton Kershaw in the classic 1940s Dodgers uni that looks about three sizes to big on him.

Prize #16

A four-card autograph lot. Well, the Tanana isn't a card, it's a religious fold-out thingy. But if you're a Tigers fan, it's cool.

OK, that's all I've got for you!

So, those who I listed, claim what you want until there's nothing left to claim. I don't have addresses for many of you, so please email your address to: after you claim your prize.

As always, thanks for reading. Each time you mention to me that this blog is a welcome distraction in your life, I am honored. It means everything to hear that. I am blessed with a wide audience, and if I had the time and money, I would do this more often.

I hope you enjoy your weekend.


Chris said…
Very generous of you! I see some great prizes here but I'll be a sport and only claim one: the Kershaw Brooklyn SP. Thanks!
Chris said…
Ugh..looks like DK and I had the exact same thought. In that case I'll claim the Ichiro relic.
bbcardz said…
What a nice surprise. #8 for me please. Thanks so much for your generosity!
bbcardz said…
Doh! I meant #10, not 8. Sorry.
Jeff S said…
^Sounds like #8 has been vacated. I'll take that.

night owl said…
Just to clear things up: 8, 10, 13 and 15 are off the table.
#6 please. Thanks Night Owl! My address is forthcoming.
Old Cards said…
I would like #7.
Nick said…
#14 pretty please!
#1 please. Thank you!
Elliptical Man said…
Hey. #2 please. Thanks.
I would like #16 please. Thanks!
Brett Alan said…
I'll take 12 since that seems to still be available. Thanks!
night owl said…
Remaining prizes left are:

2, 4, 5, 9, 11
Fred Pike said…
I will select #2. Thanks.
acrackedbat said…
Nice surprise NO! I'll just take all the Campys. I believe that was prize 17. Heh eh, just kidding. Don't hoot at me.
kcjays said…
As noted before, very generous of you to offer prizes. I’ll pass but thanks a lot for the offer.
I got on the internet and read about Campy’s bat throwing incident. Surprised that had somehow slipped past me.
Thanks again for your blog. Always a great read.
gcrl said…
Some great stuff here! Thanks for offering some great items.
Billy Kingsley said…
I didn't expect anything, but I will gladly take the Superman pack off your hands.
Johngy said…
Great post and awesome Bert card!
GTT said…
I thought about commenting, but then didn't.

Oh well.

You definitely put up some pretty good cards.
Nobody grabbed #9? I guess this blog is mostly baseball readers! That shiny Deion alone almost got me, though I am extremely happy with what I picked. Thanks again Night Owl!!
Fuji said…
Wow. Very generous giveaway. I'm just happy that I got to see all of those Campy's in one post.
GCA said…
I always see these kinds of posts three days later. Ah well, I'm good.
gregory said…
I'm a day late to the party, but somehow there are still a few prizes available? Cool! If #4 is in fact still on the table, I'll happily claim it.

Thanks very much for the generosity, and for writing so many excellent, informative, entertaining posts here!
friend11 said…
no claims, just keep up the good work.
If #5 is available, I would like it. Thanks!
night owl said…
All prizes except No. 9 have been claimed.

I've received addresses emailed to me from most of you. Still need a couple -- Okd Cards and blog reader bruce -- if you could be so kind.

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