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10th anniversary giveaway: the end

The 10th anniversary giveaway has come to a close. But first I need to get rid of this 2010 Topps short-print of Cy Young.

It's the last prize left and an interesting if I can say so myself.

I mean look at those stats! And those teams? The Spiders? The Perfectos? The AmeriCAINS?? (What the hell, Topps, it's supposed to be the Boston Americans).

This card is destined for Sport Card Collectors, if he wants it. He just has to let me know by 8 p.m. EST Monday. Otherwise it goes to Bru. Or Fuji after that.

I will be sending out prize packages hopefully starting the end of this week. I can't send them all out at once. I don't have the time nor the money.

Fortunately, Commish Bob of the Five-Tool Collector helped in the money department by donated nearly two-dozen stamps to the cause! Thank you very much! That is a big assist. Especially for someone who is paying for a kid in college.

So I'll start sending out prize envelopes, starting with the first people who selected, and hopefully by the end of the month everyone will have been sent their cards. So I'm on the record of getting everyone's prizes correct, here is the list of them:

1. Jordan-Mint Condition: 2010 Topps Lou Gehrig SP
2. John Bateman: 2017 Topps Sandy Koufax SP
3. David: 1933 Goudey John Henry (Heine) Sand
4. Adam Kanigher: 1954 Bowman Don Newcombe
5. Corky: 1993 Leaf box
6. Nick (Dime Boxes): 2010 Topps Dizzy Dean SP
7. Andy-bbcardz: 2017 Topps Jackie Robinson SP
8. jasongerman9: 2017 Topps Johnny Bench SP
9. Raiderjoe_FO: 2011 Topps Lineage mini relic Andre Ethier
10. Josh D: 2016 Topps A&G Rod Carew relic
11. Brett Alan: 1972 Topps Harmon Killebrew
12. Commishbob: 1971 Topps Hoyt Wilhelm
13. GOGOSOX60: 2017 Topps Hank Aaron SP
14. Jason T. Carter: 2012 Topps Willie Mays insert
15. Shane-Shoebox Legends: 2012 Topps Willie Mays SP
16. Fred Pike: 2017 Topps Lou Gehrig SP
17. Julie Owens: 2010 Topps Ernie Banks SP
18. Nick Vossbrink: 1976 Topps Mike Schmidt
19. Al Kawamoto: 2010 Topps Heritage Russell Martin relic
20. Michael Ott: 1978 Topps Nolan Ryan
21. carlsonjok - Cardboard Catastrophes - 2008 Topps Babe Ruth insert
22. JimfromDowningtown - PASS
23. EP: 1971 Topps six-pack
24. Henry Blanchette: 2017 Topps Charlie Blackmon relic
25. gcrl: 1976 Topps Babe Ruth
26. Bo: 2016 Topps Holiday Cory Kluber relic
27. kcjays: 2010 Topps Ryne Sandberg SP
28. sg488: 2017 Topps Babe Ruth SP
29. defgav: 2010 Topps Andre Dawson SP
30. Matt-Diamond Jesters: 1989 Topps Traded Ken Griffey Jr.
31. Jeremya1um: 2014 Panini Donruss Kyle Seager relic
32. mr. haverkamp: 2017 Topps Jackie Robinson SP (the second one!)

Phew! Let me tell you, that's a lot of organizing. I think -- I THINK -- I have just about everyone's address (need to double check Mr. Bateman). I'll probably harass you in a blog post if I don't have it.

But it seems like most people got a card they wanted so that's worth it. Thanks for picking quickly so I didn't have to drag this on for two months.

So, other than that, there's not too much else card-related I have to mention.

I did go to see "Bohemian Rhapsody," the Queen biopic today. I'm not much of a movie watcher anymore (the endless trailers confirm why), but I can't pass up a well-done tribute -- albeit playing fast-and-loose with some details -- to one of the legends of my radio youth. I went for the music and the ending does not disappoint.

Here are a couple of Queen cards in my collection.

Finally, I received a package from one of the giveaway participants, Jeff of Cardboard Catastrophes just the other day. He sure has been hauling in the vintage lately. You'll see the cards he sent some other time, but how about this pin?:

That's quite the relic from the past. Very cool. I don't know how old it is. I'm going to say it's as old as Newcombe pitching for the Dodgers, even if it isn't.

I'm probably not going to try to pin it on myself or anything else though.

That pin sticks out a little too far and I don't know how many tetanus shots I'll need if I accidentally poke myself.

All right: Sport Card Collectors, let's end this giveaway!!!

Thanks for reading.


night owl said…
SportCardCollectors said via Twitter he will take the Cy Young card. Giveaway officially over!
Billy Kingsley said…
Congratulations once again on 10 years! I specifically stated out of it so as to let people get prizes they really wanted instead of me just taking them because they were free.
Corky said…
Thank you for the contest.
Fuji said…
I can't wait to watch Bohemian Rhapsody. Probably won't make it to the theaters... but I'll either buy it or watch it on Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Netflix when it comes out.

Thanks for the contest!
Fred Pike said…
Thanks for the contest and great posts.
Brett Alan said…
Thanks again for the contest.

I can't believe Nick missed Cy Young's 11 games with the Boston Rustlers in the Short-Term Stops series!
acrackedbat said…
I'm looking forward to the movie. Your review is enough to make me fork over the ticket and popcorn dollars. And thank you again, for the sweet card.

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