Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Maximum capacity

I don't know about you but I don't know where my next binder is going to go.

I have reached the point of maximum capacity. It hasn't stopped me from obtaining more cards, but I am thinking about my situation more than ever and how I am going to deal with this.

The fact is: I need that next binder. The cards keep coming. But where will it go? I can't start another row. I can't stack any higher. I have no desire or ability or time to build more shelving. An expanded card room has been promised, but who knows when that will happen. Not soon enough.

I simply like too much stuff for my own good.

While variety is good for this blog -- I'm convinced I've been blogging so long because the variety of topics continues to feed this blog while so many others have died out -- it's not good for storage. I delight in receiving a well-rounded package and then the next thought is: "where am I going to put all this?"

My collection continues to be a real-life hobby illustration of the phrase "his eyes are bigger than his stomach." And I think my collection needs some Tums. Or a stomach-pumping.

Anyway, I recently received some cards from reader and collector Joey. He also sent some cards to Nick at Dime Boxes. There was plenty of variety in this package, which helps underline my predicament. Here are all the things I have decided I like, to the detriment of my living quarters:

Common, ordinary Dodgers. They are the main culprit in my bursting-at-the-seams situation. I just finished updating all my Dodger binders. And there are more cards to add that must wait for the next update. But before the next update, I'll need another binder, and somebody tell me where I'm going to put that. Hang it from a string from the ceiling?

Inserts. Is it my imagination or are there more inserts than ever per flagship set? I need to count them up someday and post the results.

Parallels. My weakness. Well ... the border parallels, like Bellinger, Gonzalez and Gypsy Queen Buehler are my weakness. All the other parallels I can take or leave. Although if it's in my house, then I'm obviously taking.

Parallels of inserts. OK, this is what I'm blaming if the walls burst and the roof falls in on me. There is zero need for these. I refuse to seek them out and am annoyed every time I discover one. But, yeah, I need a binder for them.

"Hits". I'm in a little better shape, space-wise, with these. The storage area for relics is outgrowing its container, but the autograph binder has plenty of room. This is because I don't pursue hits much. Perhaps I should apply similar restraint to other parts of my collection.

Like sets. I have completed/am completing sooo many sets. In the process of letting Joey know what I collected, I mentioned recent Allen & Ginter sets. I don't have want lists up for 2015-18 A&G, mostly because I don't have a place to put those sets when I've already completed 2008-14 A&G.

So Joey sent some 2016 A&G my way, which I really appreciate, but I'm not finding a binder for it. At least not yet. I need to build a few shelves in the garage.

Joey sent a few Fleer cards from the '80s because -- yup -- I'm collecting those. These are actually from the 1985 Update set.

Check out the cutting on these 1982 Fleer cards. 1982 Fleer didn't have enough problems? It couldn't cut straight either?

So, yeah, my willingness to accept every Dodger card -- including glorified dupes like these -- is not helping matters.

And then there are cards like this that I simply must collect. I don't care if the only place to put my oddballs is in the refrigerator. I'm collecting those cards.

So, that's the current state of the collection in night owl's nest. If I don't act soon, my own collection will crowd me out.

It might be time for the world's greatest -- and saddest -- garage sale.


  1. I will continue to staunchly defend 82 Fleer until my dying day....

  2. I've been having the same issue for a few years. The last two months, I dropped off four 5,000ct. boxes (+ a ton of 400 to 800ct boxes) off at Goodwill. Figured I'll write it off.

  3. I'm in the same boat. Too much cool stuff out there. I've got to find a way to trim down my collection.

  4. We need to form a club and issue membership cards. Oh, wait...

  5. I have more than 100,000 cards stored in an area roughly 4 feet wide by 5 feet tall. None are in binders, nor ever will be. I'm scanning them all so I don't have to actually see them in hand to see them. (will hit the 10 year mark on that project next year, and still about 50,000 cards left to scan). It works GREAT for me, and it's the way I've done it since right around 2000, when I took them all out of binders after I discovered the pages were attacking the UV coating of the then-current Upper Deck set.

  6. Quite intriguing to see that Fisk Hostess card! Thanks for posting it! So the hotel on his great ‘75 Card wasn’t very far from a baseball stadium at all...

    re: inserts - 2 things at play here - the number of different insert sets in a given product, and the size of those sets. Two of the insert sets in S1/S2 this year were 100 cards each, so total insert #s are starting to approach total base card #s

  7. I did the counts between 2017 series one and two. Read here -
    Basically, the inserts have overtaken the total base cards in quantity. The number of inserts sets started skyrocketing a few years ago.

    As for quantity, I just added more bookshelves and am converting boxed sets to binders...

  8. How many binders do you have?

  9. "I don't know about you but I don't know where my next binder is going to go."

    I've had this thought for the last five years (at least). But somehow I always seem to make room for the next binder. Don't know how long I can keep that magic working though...