Monday, February 19, 2018

The all-presidential name team (Dodgers version)

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It's Presidents Day, a day I seem to work just about every year.

I suppose that's appropriate since I've never been the political type. But before shoving off to the job, I engaged in one of those exercises that are supposed to help geezers of advancing age keep their minds sharp.

I tried to put together an all-presidential name team. But it's not just any generic presidential name team. It's filled with Dodgers.

Here it is:

First Base: Gary CARTER

He may be listed as a catcher on this card and played the position for about 95 percent of his games, but he obviously isn't catching here. He's playing first base. He did that with the Dodgers from time-to-time.

Second Base: Chris TAYLOR

Somehow I actually found a Topps card of Chris Taylor as a Dodger. There are very few. I don't know what Taylor did to offend Topps.

Shortstop: John KENNEDY

The only player on this list to share a president's last and first name.

Third Base: Randy JACKSON

Long before his stint on American Idol, he was a smooth-fielding white dude.

Left Field: Lou JOHNSON

The '60s was a great time for presidential Dodger names.

Center Field: Otis NIXON

Otis has had an interesting life since the end of his baseball career.

Right Field: Hack WILSON

I don't think Hack is holding a bat.

Catcher: Charles JOHNSON

I tried not to repeat the same presidential name with this team. Unfortunately, the lack of any real first base candidates and an abundance of catching Johnsons and Wilsons made that impossible.

Plus, I really wanted to show this card again.

Starting Pitcher: Jim "Mudcat" GRANT

I am very pleased I own the 1990 Target card of Grant because he's wearing a Dodger hat on it (at least I think it's a Dodger hat).

Relief Pitcher: Terry ADAMS

This the second "All-" team that I've done that includes Adams. He appeared on the All-Early Alphabet Team I did a couple years ago.

Apologies to Brickyard Kennedy, Reed Johnson, Jim Johnson, Micah Johnson, Horace Ford, Tom Wilson, Steve Wilson, Adam Kennedy, Bob Kennedy, Lance Carter, Harry Taylor and a few others (no, I will not apologize to Brian Wilson).

Those of you who had the day off, I hope you enjoyed.

Meanwhile, I have a vacation day tomorrow. I think I'll spend it with baseball cards.


  1. How about an honorable mention to Jackie Roosevelt Robinson?

  2. That's Louis Brown Johnson for the proper presidential initials!

  3. I never knew that Otis Nixon was once married to Pebbles.

  4. Both John Kenedys share the same birthday (May 29th) as well.

  5. At the least Hack is holding a bat knob....I'll give him credit for the rest of the bat.

  6. See, you didn't repeat a Presidentual name, because one has the same name as Andrew Johnson, and the other has the same name as Lyndon Johnson!

  7. The only thing better than having President's Day off is getting to read creative President's Day posts. I predicted a Brian Wilson beard appearance at the start of the post. Can't believe he was replaced by Terry Adams.