Saturday, February 17, 2018

A card for a sucker

Yesterday apparently was the day for everyone who ordered a full-price Topps Now card last season to receive a bonus 2018 Topps Now card as thanks for being such a loyal card-collecting sucker ... er, customer.

I'm sure there are those who have ordered Topps Now cards off Topps' website who don't feel like suckers, some of whom are probably now offended. I don't mean to infer. It's your collection, buy what you want, right? That's a healthy way of dealing with things.

Me? I feel like a sucker, just a little. I bought one Topps Now card from the Topps site, meaning I spent $9.99 for a modern card. At the time, it felt appropriate (it was a card of third-string catcher Kyle Farmer beating the Giants in dramatic fashion when the Dodgers were on top of the world). But even then I was thinking, "this is probably stupid." Probably should've waited a little bit for it to show up on ebay for $6.99.

But since I bought that one card, I got this freebie in the mail of Mike Trout. I guess this is what the design will look like for Topps Now this year. It's not getting me to buy any Topps Now cards this year. If I had to guess, my grand total of Topps Now purchases this coming year will be somewhere between 0 and 2, and I probably won't be paying full price. That new furnace isn't paying for itself. Nor my daughter's college payments. Or my dog's pee pills.

I'm happy that this card isn't of Aaron Judge. Other than that I don't have much thought on it.

That is the very unexciting back. It's actually a promo for its Opening Day team sets that I believe cost 50 bucks apiece for 15-16 cards. But I can get them for the low, low cost of $37.50 by using the promo code (I blacked it out in the event my brain falls out while I'm walking down the street and decide to spend that kind of cash on this).

When I look at the back it feels like more of a credit card than an actual trading card.

Anyway, I'll probably send this to the Angels fan that just sent me cards.

I suppose it is a nice gesture from Topps, a company that hopes you spend $9.99 for a card.


  1. I'm sure the Angels fan will need that to get 25% off of the $400 team set which'll give them a shot at a Ohtani autograph.

  2. I wonder if I'll get one sent to my COMC mailbox based on my pick-up of Chris Coghlan's diving slide.

  3. I'd be surprised if I got one, but I'd keep it If I did.

  4. A. Even though I'm not going to receive one of these, I'm glad it isn't Judge too. I think this is the 3rd blog post with this card featured, so that's three less Judge posts I've had to read.

    B. I know how you feel about paying full price for these. I didn't replace my furnace, but I did just replace my air conditioning unit.

  5. I am a sucker for a baseball card with palm trees on it. But the vast majority of Topps Now cards don't do anything for me, probably because my team has pretty much sucked ever since the Topps Now program started.

    So I've never bought one. But I expect this particular Mike Trout card might have one of the highest print runs, ever, for a Topps Now card and that fact might make it pretty easy for me to eventually pick this one up. It will go well with my "Spring Fever" Mike Trout cards.