Sunday, January 21, 2018


Heck of a card. Heck of an image. Wouldn't you love to be Koufax back in the day? I'd settle for being one of those kids back in the day.

This Bazooka insert from Archives or Heritage -- I'll figure it out later -- arrived in a single-card envelope from Rod of Padrographs. It happens to be the 175th different Sandy Koufax card in my collection.

That's not as impressive as it sounds considering 151 of those cards were issued after his playing career and 119 created in the last six years.

But for whatever reason Sandy prompted me to recalculate how many Dodgers cards I have in my collection. I last counted up almost five years ago and totaled just over 15,000. Two-and-half years before that I calculated 10,615 Dodgers cards in my collection.

This time I came up with 19,927.

With the start of the 2018 card season less than a month away, I will be going over 20,000 unique Dodgers cards (with God knows how many dupes) within the next two or three months.

My pace of accumulating Dodgers has slowed a bit since totaling in 2013. I attribute that to an increased focus on set needs and less of an interest in what Topps is shoveling at us the last couple of years.

I have no real idea of whether 20,000 is a lot. I know it's a lot to people who don't collect cards. I don't know how many cards the average team collector owns of his favorite team though. I'm going to assume that since I write a blog that is well-read and readers constantly send me cards that I am one of the lucky ones who has entered rare territory without breaking the bank.

As usual, thanks for reading and enjoying what I throw out there.

There will be some blog milestones arriving later in the year. With a giveaway or two attached.


  1. Here's to another great year of your blog. Well done.

  2. I am not even close to 20K Tigers! Kudos to you for knowing what your collections holds!!

  3. 20 thousand for one team is a lot. The largest team in my collection is 4000 something. Granted, I'm a set builder more than a team collector, and there's a lot less basketball than baseball to choose from. But a 16,000 card difference is still a ton. If you ever enter your collection into the Trading Card Database, you'll lead the Dodgers by some 11,000 cards. I have only 67 Dodgers cards in my collection...that doesn't even crack the top 1000 Dodgers collections listed.

  4. Congrats on almost 20,000 Dodgers cards, that's an absolutely an insane milestone. The card you showed is from Topps Archives by the way.

  5. 20K is a huge milestone. My pace has slowed quite a bit recently since Topps only thinks Starling Marte and Gregory Polanco play for the Pirates.

  6. I think 20k is a lot! I did a quick tally in my dodger spreadsheet and it shows I have nearly 25k. yikes!

  7. 20k is a lot in my book. Not sure what's more impressive... the fact that you were able to calculate your current total or that 2017 Archives Bazooka insert.