Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I'll buy that for a dollar

I will buy just about any single card for a dollar.

Even a card from 1990 Donruss, in the right situation, if I was desperate enough, I'd have no problem handing over a buck.

A dollar, I think, is the perfect match for a wanted card. I don't live in a land of dime boxes, so I don't have some skewed view that every card should be 10 cents. Ideally, I'd like the average to card to be maybe a quarter. But in this era of online sales, slick modern cards, bells and whistles and vintage all over my want lists, I think if I could pay a dollar for most of the cards I want, I'd be happy.

Then there are the times when spending a dollar seems like a steal.

This card arrived for the price of a dollar, actually it was under a dollar but I had to factor in shipping.

This is the short-printed Sandy Koufax card from 2017 Update and it was going for Too Much Money back when Update was released during the fall. I fought off the urge to buy it then and I was rewarded. This card is now going for the price of your average vending machine candy bar.

Faded, grayed-out patch in the bottom right corner aside, this is a phenomenal place-in-time card that holds special meaning for me because:

1. It's a Dodger card
2. It's a card of the greatest Dodger pitcher
3. I have great respect for great Dodger pitchers
4. It's 1960s Dodger Stadium in full glory
5. Koufax just no-hit the Giants you guys.

This is a shot of Koufax after his no-hitter on May 11, 1963. It appears to be a colorized image. The scoreboard provides all of the rest of the information you need to know. The only question remaining is who is the creepy guy behind the fence (or maybe it's a camera)?

Unbeknownst to you, I've been slowly showing off my recent COMC order bit by bit and these are the last few cards. The above card was purchased in a fit of HOW COME I DON'T HAVE MORE DODGER BILL MADLOCK CARDS???????

It's actually a pretty crappy card, but Madlock is a Dodger! That's all that counts.

I need to tell you something. The 2009 Upper Deck First Edition Dodgers team set is finally complete!

This card languished on my Nebulous 9 list for so long that I began to believe self-created conspiracy theories that this was a stealth short-print limited to one card every 18 cases. Turns out it was just a crackpot theory.

Wooo! Wavy, bright colors!

This insert from 1994 Select sat in my cart for a few months and then suddenly I saw it on the Dime Boxes blog. That was excuse enough to hit "SHIP!" No, I didn't get it for a dime.

Another card I didn't get for a dime.

Nolan is part of my quest to land some of the big-name '73 Topps cards so that isn't all I have to track down at the end of my set mission.

I'm not sure how successful I'll be with this considering how many '73 Topps cards I've been receiving lately. But I'm going to try to knock down some of these other toughies early. I think Willie Mays might be next.

I don't really go through my hobby looking for deals all the time. With limited funds, I do look for cheaper cards but if I overpay for something, I'm not going to feel guilty about it.

Does that mean I could have paid the asking price for the Sandy Koufax shortprint back in November?

You bet.

I wouldn't be able to write about it with a braggy post and catchy title though.


  1. I feel much better hearing you don't know about the creepy "guy" in the bleachers on the Koufax card. That's been bothering me for a couple months now.

  2. Thanks for linking to the getty image. I had assumed it was a camera behind the fence but now think it is 3-4 people. Maybe an usher (in white shirt) and clean up crew in black?

  3. Patience is a virtue, as they say, and your Koufax saga vs. mine exemplifies that. I paid over 10x what you paid for it because I just had to have a copy the moment I saw it. Kinda wish I waited, but it's still a spectacular card no matter the price. Also, glad I could help get the Mondesi in your hands a bit faster, it's definitely one of the trippiest (is that a word?) cards I've ever seen...and that includes everything from '95 Fleer.

  4. Funny what the eye sees. I barely noticed the person or persons in the center field stands but it looked to me for a moment when I saw the image that Koufax was shooting at the scoreboard. The juxtaposition of his pointed hand and one of the stadium supports looks for a moment like there's a gun in his hand.

  5. Congrats on the Koufax! Now that I'm running back home a bit more frequently I'll start "working" on "special" package for you. Will take some time, but I got this thing in my head to do it.

  6. Big Foot sighting in Dodger Stadium.

  7. I'm on a teacher's salary. I think my magic price point is 10¢. Of course, I'm willing to spend more on cards that I really want. But I used the 1990 Donruss example you supplied. If I was down to needing one 1990 Donruss common for my set, I don't think I could get myself to spend more than a dime. With that being said... you struck gold with that Koufax for a buck. I'd buy that for a dollar too.