Saturday, November 11, 2017

Well, hello there blog

In what's become a pattern, I stumbled to the computer late this morning and realized I had a blog.

I've always devoted my attention to this blog no matter what was going on him my life, but lately life is throwing activities at me that even I can't combat. Yesterday, life told me to drive five hours through the Adirondack Mountains (I saw my first snow of the season). I couldn't say no. I couldn't say, "I have a blog that hasn't been updated in two days, I know that doesn't seem like a long time, but I have a reputation."

It's been a month of travel and it isn't over yet.

So here I am posting for the fifth time this month when once I would have posted 21 times by now (what the hell was with that?). To get back into the rhythm, I grabbed some cards sent to me by Josh of Royals and Randoms that I think have been sitting in a dark corner for weeks waiting for me to DO SOMETHING.

I think Josh found my want list before it went kaput, because he sent me cards that no one has:

These are cards from around 15 years ago. Nobody bought cards then. It was just three collectors in a warehouse opening packs. They'd keep the cards they needed for their collection and the few scraps that we see from 2002 and 2003 are the duplicates from those three collectors.

More forgotten cards from around the same period. I love every playing-days Dave Roberts card I get. Except those smelly Giants ones.

Here is something I don't see often: a bunch of 2002 MLB Showdown needs! The Eric Karros card here shows a different photo than the '02 Showdown Karros I already own. I don't think I want to know why that is.

Guys, do what Josh does. Send me the 2004 Topps World Series programs subset cards!

I haven't done much with this completion quest because I get depressed with the inflated prices of these. But you can bet I'll get an update want list up for these. (Update: It's up!)

This is the rare So Dreamy Code Cracker card from 2014 Allen & Ginter.

A card of birthday bud Barry Sanders.

I believe Josh mentioned that he found these 1984 Fleer cards at a garage sale (my card notes have become scrambled amid the shambles on my card desk). This is quite helpful.

OK, I feel myself fading here. I have nearly dozed off writing this post -- no, not because it's boring, but because I am also way behind on sleep. Still, I am proud of myself because I got Carew and Boggs to line up on the scanner on the first shot!

Lately, that's enough for me to declare this a successful post.

See ya when I see ya.


  1. Driving around in the Adirondacks is a favorite of mine...but quite a ways afield for you. It can get tedious after a time for sure.

  2. I haven't posted in months...I must be rubbing off on you.
    Glad you were able to use these!

  3. Not posting daily? What? Are you human or something? I save my trips through the Adirondacks for summer time, maybe fall - but that's pushing it.

  4. You're like the Lou Gehrig of card bloggers. I'm always blown away by your consistency. If I had to drive 5 hours through the Sierras (I'm a long way from the Adirondacks), I'd probably take a week off from writing. And if I did manage to write something up... it'd be one of those 100 words or less posts. Hope you were able to catch up on your sleep, so you're able to keep the streak alive.

    P.S. Love the Carew and Boggs. The Fleer Super Star Special "puzzle pairs" were always one of my favorite subsets when I was a kid.