Friday, November 24, 2017

Care package

Since the Dodgers lost the World Series, I've received a handful of "pity packages" from thoughtful individuals.

OK, I guess "care packages" sounds better. That's why they're called "care packages." Nobody wants your pity.

But cards? Yeah, I'll take the cards.

Recently I received one of my favorite kinds of card packages. Not only was it sent to help me get over "the Dodger blues," but also as thanks for writing the blog. This always warms my feathers, because even though I must write regardless of whether anyone's reading, it's still nice to know it's not just me yammering into the electric void.

Jeff from Ohio sent a whole mess of Dodgers, many of which I had already because you have to stay up pretty late in the evening to sneak a Dodger card past me. But the best part of packages like this is the cards I unearth amid the 2008 Upper Deck and 1989 Score that slide right into my collection and make me so happy.

Like 1990 Leaf. What a pain in the behind this set is. I think out of all the regular early '90s sets, the only one that's more reluctant to show up at my doorstep is 1992 Bowman. The above two cards were both team set needs. I must make it my mission to clobber both '90 Leaf and '92 Bowman soon.

Needs from the late '90s. Just throw a bunch of late '90s Dodgers at me. Something will stick. I'll look at the weird card weirdly and nod, "Yup, need that one."


Finally. This card is mine.

A precious Sportflics from that tricky 1988-90 period. I still don't know why these don't show up as often as Sportflics from other years.

An always welcome addition from the Upper Deck Fortyman sets. These go with 1990 Leaf and 1992 Bowman on my One Day I Will Wipe Out Your Team Set In One Fell Swoop list. Such elusive little buggers.

Ooo, special credit to Jeff for this one. We could call this a 2017 World Series special. Daryle Ward may have been one of the worst Dodgers in history, but I'm glad to have this card because I never would have tracked this down myself.

I honestly don't know who collects these. No licenses, the players look like they work at the sewage processing center, the shiny stuff picks up dirt and fingerprints, plus, who are these guys? (Jeff Brigham has never gotten out of Class A and is pitching in the Marlins organization).

Jeff also sent some 1973 Topps high numbers for my set pursuit. I've already crossed the Angel Mangual off my want list. The other guys are in kind of rough shape. I'll hold on to them until an upgrade comes along.

There were a couple of unexpected non-card items to accompany the rest of the care package.

I love old-school All-Star ballots. I still remember seeing the display as I walked into CVS during the 1980s. This is the second one I own, and it's way before I started watching the All-Star Game. It's interesting to see who was on the ballot back then. Joe Azcue, Ted Uhlaender, Coco Laboy.

I'd advise you writing in Alex Johnson's name. He's going to win the batting title in a couple of months.

How about this? Remember these?

I was long past Cracker Jack age when this was offered back in 1991. The tiny Topps minis could be pulled out of boxes of Cracker Jack and promptly disappeared down sidewalk cracks and heater vents.

Then the Cracker Jack Mini Baseball Card Collectors Album came to the rescue!!

If I was 10 in 1991, I'd be all over this.

But I love it now, too, because finally there's a place to store all of my teeny tiny cards from 1991 and 1992.

There is the first of six pages in the album. (Jeff added those three cards, although I believe all of them are already tucked away in a box somewhere where they can't escape behind the dryer).

I can't wait to fill this up. But my hope is I will never need all six pages. That's way too many microscopic cards.

This package certainly did cheer me up. The sting of the World Series hasn't disappeared but I'm coping better now.

However, I feel a bit of Dodger blue sadness creeping in ... better send some more packages!!!


  1. It's interesting to see what cards are out there and what ones seem to disappear completely.. For example, I never see 1995 Fleer out there.. Mind you, I never look for it.. It just seems like stuff before 1993, then 2005-current..

  2. I wonder how many Billingsley I have lol

    1. That is something I know. With this card, I have 194.

  3. I always find Larry Biittner cards interesting. When I was a kid, I thought they mispelled his name on the card. Since he was never really a star (especially during my collecting days, 1982-1986), he was just kinda nobody. So every time I see one of his cards over the years, I notice him 'cause of his name and think "he was playing that year too?" I'm always surprised that he was around the majors for more than 3 or 4 years. And it always looks strange to me to see him in any uniform besides the Reds.

  4. Billingsly has a nice shadow on it too. Looks like an uncomfortable high back chair.

  5. Funny -- my post today was about 1991 and 1992 Cracker Jack cards. I don't have the little album, and I don't remember the offer for it.

  6. That Cracker Jack album is a classic. I can’t imagine many of those running around.

  7. I could really use one of those Cracker Jack binders. I've never known what the heck to do with those obscenely tiny cards.

    1. Nick - They fit in the Mini ultra pro pages (Allen & Ginter size) sideways, three to a slot.

  8. I google Daryle Ward after you posted this because I didn't remember him being so bad as a Dodger.

    Dude accumulated -4.4 WAR for his CAREER (Fangraphs is -1.9, still not great).

    I guess poor defense, few walks, and limited power will do that to a guy. But dang if I don't remember him as a much better player than he was.

    1. Adding to this...Andre Ethier just retired and baseball reference has him at -0.1 war.

  9. Were the Cracker Jack minis a different set than the 1991 Topps "Micro" factory set? I have never had any "micro" in my possession to compare.

  10. Lol. Sewage processing center. Good call.

  11. I've seen the base version of that Brian Bohanon card before. Brad sent it to me because he's listed as a Rockie in that barely-legible script lettering on the left.