Sunday, October 8, 2017

Someone else's card show finds (mine are coming tomorrow)

Today was card show day. Since I'm writing this in advance, I am trusting that it went well. By the time this posts, I will know whether it did or not. You, however, will wait until tomorrow to make your judgment. I plan to post my show goodies then.

Today, you get to see someone else's card show goodies. They are now my goodies because they were sent to me. And that's quite some organization on the part of Cards on Cards.

Kerry sent a smattering of Dodgers, including several cards that I never see around here.

Museum Collection for instance. Not once have I obtained a Museum Collection card on my own. If I didn't run a blog, I probably wouldn't even know Museum Collection existed.

Another unnecessarily thick card. This is from 2015 Tribute. Yasiel Puig is playing in front of a marble wall. I've always wanted to know what it was like to play baseball inside a mausoleum.

Panini products. Shiny and pseudo artsy. If these products appeared on store shelves near me I missed it.

Two cards on the opposite ends of the spectrum: one you could rip out of a magazine, the other could be used to spark a small grass fire if the sun hits it just right.

Finally, I received a full Police set of one of the worst Dodger teams to ever play an entire season. L.A. was celebrating its 30th anniversary at Dodger Stadium in 1992 and decided to commemorate it with a last-place stinker of a season.

All of these guys were on that team and somehow they still finished 63-99 for the worst record in baseball.

I'm sorry to end this post on such a downer, but don't worry: I went to a card show! Lots of happiness ahead!


  1. Davis and Straw were both only 30 years old but they only played in a combined 119 games with 5 home runs a piece. Over all power outage. 72 home runs for the team? Dead last. Runs, the same.

  2. The police set was in a box where everything was $1, unless it had a $10 or greater sticker on it. Then it was $2. I wish they would just put the actual prices on things, so it would be less confusing. Unfortunately, there was no Cardinals stuff in this box of mysteries.

  3. I'm going to guess that the card show went well, but that you were slowed down from looking at cards by someone looking at (gasp!) football cards. ;)

  4. Wow. Hard to imagine all of that talent losing almost 100 games. Cool design though.