Thursday, October 5, 2017

If I was king of the postseason, 2017 edition

This is the last time you will see a Diamondbacks card on this post.

I don't like that I'm showing this card or even have this card. I don't like that every time I see Robbie Ray on my TV, which is usually against the Dodgers -- because when else would I be watching the Diamondbacks? -- he looks unhittable.

I really don't like the fact that the two teams that won the wild card matchups the last two days are the two teams I'd least like to win the World Series. Honestly, I have very little problem with any of the other six teams winning the championship. But those two wild-card sneaky-petes? Instant gag-reflex. (It doesn't help that the last two wild card teams to win the Series are the (barf) 2014 Giants and (wretch) 2011 Cardinals).

But I'm getting way ahead of myself. There are six other teams to address, including the two teams that were in the World Series last year. And, of course, my Dodgers.

This is my annual exercise where I go through all the possible World Series matchup combinations and let you know -- because you're just desperate to know -- which team I would want to win.

Last year, the combination that reached the finale was what I had dubbed the "Put the Guys in Old-Timey Knickers Series". The Cubs and Indians put on a great show, even though the team I had selected as my choice from that combo, the Indians, did not win.

So, here we go. Even though this post is always long, I know you'll have time to read it. After seeing the wild card games, I'm sure every game is going six hours.

1. Dodgers vs. Indians -- the "Oddsmakers' Favorite" Series

What's good about it: The Oddsmakers will finally be right. I see these odds posted everywhere before every playoff series and they never turn out. I don't even know why they show them.

What's bad about it: I'll have to hear mention of how the Indians turned an unassisted triple play against the Dodgers in the 1920 World Series.

Who I'd want to win: Dodgers

2. Nationals vs. Astros -- the George H.W. Bush Series

What's good about it: The former White House resident is a well-known Astros fan. He's 92 or 93 now and I'm not sure if he's in shape to attend games anymore but it'd be kinda cool if he shows up.

What's bad about it: This just doesn't seem terribly exciting to me.

Who I'd want to win: Astros

3. Cubs vs. Yankees -- the Fox Wet Dream Series

What's good about it: I can root for the Cubs with absolutely no regrets.

What's bad about it: Nobody will see the end of these games. It's pretty easy to figure out the times of the playoff games these days: determine whether the Yankees, Red Sox or Cubs are in the playoffs and then know that TV will put them on as late as possible. The Yankees and Cubs are TV's cash cow though (or at least TV thinks it is). Fox may start each game of this series at midnight.

Who I'd want to win: Cubs

4. Diamondbacks vs. Red Sox -- the Curt Schilling Series

What's good about it: I can root for the Red Sox with absolutely no regrets.

What's bad about it: Dammit we may have to see/hear Curt Schilling. Even if someone even merely brings up his name, it's too much. And shame on me for bringing up his name here now.

Who I'd want to win: Red Sox

5. Dodgers vs. Red Sox -- the "Night Owl Gets Into A Texting War With His Brother" Series

What's good about it: As I've said before, these are my two favorite teams from when I was a kid. It'd be pretty cool to see them battle it out on the biggest stage (I missed that 1916 clash).

What's bad about it: This has been a potential World Series matchup the last three years, I think. I root against it every year because I know it will lead to lots of snarky texts between myself and my brother, a Red Sox fan. I'm trying to watch the World Series, I don't have time for snarky texts.

Who I'd want to win: Dodgers

6. Nationals vs. Yankees -- The Big Mouth Series

What's good about it: The Yankees can see what a real starting pitching staff looks like.

What's bad about it: Good gracious, so much. Two loud-mouth cities facing off against each other. I will set a national record for muting. Bryce Harper better hit 47 home runs in this series.

Who I'd want to win: Nationals

7. Cubs vs. Red Sox -- The "At Least This Didn't Happen Last Year" Series

What's good about it: Two legendary teams with two dedicated fan bases. You've got to respect that.

What's bad about it: Last year I braced for the possibility of this series because I knew TV would crank up the sob meter to 5,000 with these two fan bases. With the Cubs winning last year, it isn't the story it would have been last year, but that doesn't mean Fox isn't going to try.

Who I'd want to win: Red Sox

8. Diamondbacks vs. Indians --The Hot Hand Series

What's good about it: Fox won't like the ratings.

What's bad about it: Both of these teams played very well at the end of the season. I'm not saying they didn't play well earlier, but I don't like the idea that you can get hot and ride a streak through the postseason.

Who I'd want to win: Indians

9. Dodgers vs. Yankees -- The "Revenge For My Childhood" Series

What's good about it: REVENGE. As a youngster, I saw the Dodgers play the Yankees in the World Series three different times. The Yankees won two, the Dodgers won one. It's time to even the score.

What's bad about it: I will revert to being a sobbing little kid if the Dodgers don't win.

Who I'd want to win: Dodgers

10. Nationals vs. Red Sox -- the "Dammit This Could Have Been the Pedro Martinez Series" Series

What's good about it: Home runs. Lots and lots of home runs.

What's bad about it: I had the same name for this potential series last year, because -- aaarggh, this could have been the EXPOS vs. the Red Sox.

Who I'd want to win: Red Sox

11. Cubs. vs. Indians -- The "Part Deux" Series

What's good about it: More 7-game grandness? The Indians get revenge?

What's bad about it: I don't want to watch the Indians lose to the Cubs two years in a row.

Who I'd want to win: Indians

12. Diamondbacks vs. Astros -- The Southwest Series

What's good about it: Tacos and barbecue.

What's bad about it: It's still 100 degrees down there in October, right? I don't want to see any roofs.

Who I'd want to win: Astros

13. Dodgers vs. Astros -- The "1980 National League West Special Playoff Series" Series

What's good about it: I've been dying for these two teams to play each other all year. A few years ago, they could have played a bunch of times, but now that they're both very good, they can't. (Thanks Bud Selig) So it'd be nice if they could.

What's bad about it: This is actually a special playoff to decide the 1980 NL West Division winner. I'm scared that it will end the same way it did back then.

Who I'd want to win: Dodgers

14. Nationals vs. Indians -- The "Series This Political Obsessed Country Deserves" Series

What's good about it: The teams are harmless enough.

What's bad about it: In the media, our society today cannot stop itself from injecting politics into every little element of life. It didn't used to be this way. And, yes, there were complicated issues then, too. With a Washington-based team playing a team with a politically-incorrect nickname, I know I will have to read sports stories about polarizing political things and I'm not looking forward to it. Yup, dammit, I just want to see baseball. AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME SAYING THAT. The newspaper still has sections. Or it still should anyway.

Who I'd want to win: Indians

15. Cubs vs. Astros -- The "It's Not the '80s Anymore" Series

What's good about it: This is actually a mid-week series in August between two NL teams going nowhere. Average attendance: 6,798. I'd chuckle to myself quietly while everyone under 30 would look at the old man with that "waiting for him to die" stare.

What's bad about it: One of these teams isn't in the National League anymore.

Who I'd want to win: Astros

16. Diamondbacks vs. Yankees -- The "16 Years Later" Series

What's good about it: Really, nothing. There were 15 other options and this is what we get?

What's bad about it: It's going to be this one, isn't it?

Who I'd want to win: Yankees (ick).

So. Those are the possibilities for the 2017 World Series. This is the fifth straight year that I've been doing this (I've been doing it since 2011) that the Dodgers are in the playoffs. Unlike the oddsmakers, I'm not that confident. But I also believe they have as good of a chance as anyone else (I think the Cubs may have just a slight edge over everyone else).

Anyway, the Division Series are already under way. Grab a beverage -- better make it coffee -- and invest yourselves. Because this will require some investing.

I think I'm up for it.

Go Dodgers.


  1. I have to agree that Red Sox vs Dodgers would be pretty exciting. Let's hope it doesn't come down to Yankees vs Dbacks (I agree, ick).

  2. Didn't get to watch either game... but I was happy with both outcomes today. I'm really hoping for scenario #13. But deep down inside... I'll be able to find some form of happiness as long as the Yankees don't win #28.

  3. Great post. Red Sox vs Dodgers would be a good one. On the ick series, I would have to pull for the Diamondbacks. Just can't pull for the Yankees. As a kid, I remember the Dodgers sweeping the Yankees 4 games to none (1963). Koufax was great!! I loved it and you would have too.

  4. I have to respectfully disagree with your comments on the Astros/Nationals series. The Astros are very entertaining, and this is coming from a Red Sox fan who just watched the Astros beat his team down like it was nothing.

  5. Plenty of Blah scenarios. OF course I disagree with some of the Nationals outcomes. This could be their year. They have the pitching and finally the bull pen (it was shaky at the start of this season, before some key trades.) The batting though needs consistency you can't win a series without knocking in a few runs.

  6. Typically, when the Braves aren't in I root for the national League team. That isn't the case this year. I would place the 3rd scenario cubs and Yanks up there in #1 spot tied with Cubs and BoSox. But I thought I just run along your positioning and choose who'd I prefer:
    1) Dodgers over Indians, the NL thing, 2) Astros over Nats, just don't like the Nats, I still am not used to the Astros being in the AL, 3) Cubs over Yanks, Nl thing, and I can't stand the Yanks because the hurt my Braves too many times, 4) Bosox over DB, another Nl team I just can't enjoy, 5) Dodgers over BoSox, the NL thing, 6) Yanks over Nats, I really don't like much in DC, 7) Cubs over BoSox, the NL thing, 8) Indians over Dbacks, empathy for losing last year I guess, 9) Dodgers over Yanks, NL, 10) BoSox over Dbacks, same as before, 11)Cubs over Indians, NL, 12) Astros over DB, same as before, 13) Dodgers over Astros, NL, 14) Indians over Nats, (g)nats are just pests, 15) Cubs over Astros, NL, 16) Yanks over DB, I'd rather see Judge pound some homers.