Sunday, January 15, 2017

C.A.: the review 4 (part 8)

I thought yesterday's post of a player being pictured in two different uniforms on the same card was pretty cool.

Apparently I was one of the few.

But that's why Night Owl Cards is close to a daily operation. You don't like one post, I got another one for you. That's why they play a baseball game every day. You have a bad game, you can redeem yourself the next day (not that I think yesterday's post was bad. If I might say so, I think it was stellar).

Today is the last segment of the first round of Cardboard Appreciation The Review 4. After this segment, we head into the semifinal round with two segments of four cards each.

But, as the local weather guy says, "I'm getting ahead of myself." Let's see which card advanced from the seventh segment of the first round:

The 1972 Steve Carlton Traded card grabbed the honors. I kind of figured he would. There wasn't a lot of competition.

Here are the vote totals:

1. 1972 Topps Steve Carlton Traded, 19 votes
2. 1954 Bowman George Shuba, 12 votes
3. 1975 Topps Maximino Leon, 8 votes
4. 2016 Topps Heritage Mets checklist, 7 votes
5. 1990 Donruss Joey Cora, 6 votes
6. 2010 Topps More Tales Of The Game Ruth Laps The League, 4 votes
7. 1990 Kmart Superstars Jeff Ballard, 2 votes
8. 2009 Upper Deck X Jack Cust, 1 vote

And here are the candidates for the eighth and final segment. There is a little more to choose from here:

1. 1998 Pacific Omega Mike Piazza: OK, OK, you need a player wearing THREE different uniforms on one card to be impressed. I get ya. It's a very impressive card.

2. 1983 Topps Dan Ford: There are also very few cards in which a player's inset photo is admiring the blast of the player's action photo.

3. 1976 SSPC Luis Tiant: If this card doesn't win the whole shootin' match, I'm gonna need you to explain it to Luis Tiant here. This particular version of Luis Tiant.

4. 2014 Stadium Club Sandy Koufax: Wooooooo! Great card of Koufax displaying a ball representing his four no-hitters. There's no way Nolan Ryan could have done that with the amount of no-hitters he threw.

5. 1977-84 TCMA Galasso Greats Larry Lajoie: Lajoie's more commonly known name was "Nap" Lajoie. And Lajoie appears to want to take a nap right here.

6. 1998 Skybox E-X 2001 Cheap Seat Treats Mike Piazza: More card craziness of Mike Piazza from 1998. How are you going to choose between this one and the three-team Piazza? And when you do, how are you going to explain it to Luis Tiant?

7. 1987 Topps Turn Back The Clock Maury Wills: This card pays tribute to a card that doesn't exist. And it's not the only card that pays tribute to this card that doesn't exist. So, for the last time, Topps, make that '62 Topps Wills card exist!

8. 1965 Topps Sam Bowens: Someone didn't want you to know that Sam Bowens was an outfielder. I still don't know what the "extra, extra" business was all about.

And there you go. That is the selection of cards that is receiving your vote this week. The poll is on the sidebar (ignore that it says "Part 7" on it, someone already voted and I can't change it). Vote whenever you like before next Sunday.

I can't make it any easier than that. I'll probably even have another post for you tomorrow.


  1. I liked the Wally Westlake post.

  2. For me it's between Wills and Bowens.

    Piazza x 3? - Too busy
    Dan Ford? - Who cares?
    Tiant? - That's more of a photo than a baseball card.
    Next two? - Can't vote for black & white cards.
    Piazza again? - That's a baseball card of a chair, not a player.

    I'll take Bowens, if only because Topps is trying to bamboozle us by simulating a Wills 1962 card that they never made.

  3. I can't believe I passed on two Orioles (Jim...who cares?!?! wth? It's Disco Dan!!! ;-0 ) and a Koufax to vote for Luis Tiant. For a brief, not so shining moment during my college days I had that same Fu Manchu going on.

  4. I can't vote against El Tiante.