Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Awesome night card, pt. 262: life's not fair

I'm busy working on research for a couple of different blog posts that you'll see in future weeks. So this is just a quick night card post that I need to get out of the way anyway.

I'm coming up on featuring this Tom Bradley card on the 1971 Topps blog. It's a pretty great one in a lot of ways. But I've hesitated adding it to the night card binder because I'm not sure whether we're looking at night here or merely dusk.

Normally I wouldn't care -- a bank of lights are on in the background, that's good enough for me -- but Bradley is up against some semi-stiff competition.

How could that be, you're asking.

How could I fellow with horned rim glasses, wearing a disguised Angels jersey, displaying the brightest blue airbrushed cap you've ever seen that just happens to match with his eyes, and the guts to sign his full name on the card, all featured on the 1971 Topps design for crying out loud, have competition?

Plus this card is No. 588. Isn't it a little difficult to find night cards numbered that high? (OK, I'm the only one asking that question).

I know. I know. I know.

What can I tell you? Sometimes life's not fair.

There is another card in the No. 588 slot in the night card binder. It's a special one for me.

This is the '76 SSPC card of Ed Goodson. Goodson was a Dodger utility player from the late 1970s. Even though he is wearing a Giants uniform here, he is listed as a Dodger on the back of the card. Goodson came to the Dodgers from the Braves in the deal that brought Dusty Baker to the Dodgers. It's the first trade by my favorite team that I ever knew.

This card is very '70s. As was mentioned on this post, Goodson is showcasing his best Pete Brady impersonation.

So, while the Bradley card is full-on "60s meets '70s," the Goodson card is '70s, pure and simple, straight from "the Pure Card Set." The '70s always wins for me.

It's unfortunate that both cards can't be in the binder. But there's just one slot for No. 588.

He seems crushed by the news.

Me, too, Tom. Me, too.


Night Card Binder candidate: Tom Bradley, 1971 Topps, No. 588
Does it make the binder? Ooof. No.

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