Friday, July 8, 2016

Taking stock of signatures

As I've mentioned a few times, I don't go out of my way to collect autographs. I do like them, and I get a thrill when I pull them. And I do have a separate binder for the Dodgers autos. But I consider that binder as that thing I have on standby for when someone who doesn't know a lot about cards wants to be impressed. Autographs are the best way to go. Sadly, your average civilian just doesn't understand how cool a 1976 Topps Mike Hegan is.

Recently, fellow supertrader Brett of Cooperstown Exit 3:16 sent me another bout of autographed Dodgers. I believe they're TTMs, but maybe he got them in person, I don't know.

The Ron Cey autograph is far and away the highlight, even though I own plenty of Cey autographed cards. In fact, this 1980 Topps item is my 15th different autographed Cey card.

And it has caused me to consider something I've considered before:

Should I try to get a signed Cey card for each of his Topps Dodgers issues? It wouldn't be difficult to do. The Penguin is a frequent and agreeable signer and I still have an address. The '75, '78 and '80 cards are out of the way now, leaving just '74, '76, '77, '79, '81, '82 and '83.

It's a thought. But probably not all that high on the priority list.

Brett sent three other autographed Dodger cards.

This is the second Brett Butler autographed card in the collection. It's a pretty great-looking signed card. The positioning of the autograph ties the head shot and action shot together. This set has always been weird for me because of the ghostly head shot floating in space. It just needed a signature!

These happen to be my first signed cards for both Dave Goltz and Juan Samuel. Each were big-name free agency signings by the Dodgers that pretty much bombed (I guess Samuel's 1991 season was all right).

With these two joining the list of Dodgers for which I have autographs, I thought I'd compile a complete list of Dodgers players for which I have an autographed card. Some were pulled. Some were purchased. But many of these were provided by generous traders, since I don't do much autograph hunting myself:

Don Aase
Chris Anderson
Dave Anderson
Andy Ashby
Billy Ashley
Pedro Astacio
Dusty Baker
Daniel Batz
Adrian Beltre
Josh Bell
Chad Billingsley
Bobby Bragan
Yhency Brazoban
Rocky Bridges
Bill Buckner
Walker Buehler
Brett Butler
John Candelaria
Roger Cedeno
Ron Cey
Alex Cora
Rubby De La Rosa
Rick Dempsey
Blake DeWitt
Victor Diaz
Al Downing
Cory Dunlap
Scott Elbert
John Ely
Carl Erskine
Andre Ethier
Joey Eischen
Chad Fonville
Eric Gagne
Greg Gagne
Yimi Garcia
Steve Garvey
Dave Goltz
Dee Gordon
Rick Gorecki
Kevin Gross
Pedro Guerrero
Wilton Guerrero
Tim Hamulack
Mickey Hatcher
Carlos Hernandez
Kirby Higbe
Koyie Hill
Todd Hollandsworth
Burt Hooton
Charlie Hough
Ken Howell
Chin-Lung Hu
Kaz Ishii
Stan Javier
Blake Johnson
Von Joshua
Matt Kemp
Clayton Kershaw
Jay Kirkpatrick
Sandy Koufax
Hong-Chih Kuo
Andy LaRoche
Zach Lee
Josh Lindblom
Jon Link
Matt Magill
Mike Marshall
Russell Martin
Pratt Maynard
James McDonald
Andy Messersmith
Aaron Miller
Danny Mota
Manny Mota
Tom Niedenfuer
Ricky Nolasco
Jose Offerman
Justin Orenduff
Claude Osteen
Antonio Osuna
Chan Ho Park
Alejandro Pena
Angel Pena
Antonio Perez
Joe Pignatano
Johnny Podres
Luke Prokopec
Eddie Pye
John Ragliani
Jeremy Rathjen
Jerry Reuss
Adam Riggs
Eric Riggs
Orlando Rodriguez
Paco Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez
Preacher Roe
Bill Russell
Juan Samuel
Steve Sax
John Shelby
Duke Snider
Cory Snyder
Franklin Stubbs
Eric Stults
Ramon Troncoso
John Tudor
Ismael Valdes
Fernando Valenzuela
Cory Wade
Tim Wallach
Allen Webster
Bob Welch
Reggie Williams
Maury Wills
Chris Withrow
Todd Williams
Steve Yeager
Delwyn Young
Matt Young

Not too bad for a guy who doesn't make autographs a priority, huh?

That's probably more of a product of having a blog for almost eight years.

At any rate, that list makes me wonder how many other Dodgers players I can add to that list. I'm sure there are plenty, many more than are even on the list.

But there's no rush.

Because I don't really collect autographs.



  1. That collection is a product of not just having a blog, but a really good one with lots of thoughtful and fresh content dealt out with a solid sense of humor and a dash of pop culture thrown in.

  2. I'm proud to be able to say I contributed three of those autographs.

  3. That's definitely an impressive collection of autographs for a guy who doesn't collect autographs. I guess the key is to "don't" ask and you shall receive.

  4. I recently completed a signed topps run of Steve garvey cards through the mail, so I would second your thought of doing the same for the penguin.

  5. Walker Buehler is the best one.