Sunday, March 6, 2016

Zapped again

For the longest time, I associated the word "zapped!" with the R-rated teen comedy whose only objective was to see how many times it could show Heather Thomas' clothes popping off.

As a teenager at the time of this movie's release, I had no problem with this. And the lousy movie gets entirely too much credit just because it showed up when I was 16.

But while my teen years are now filed under "ancient history," and movies like this are no longer viewed as acceptable behavior, a new definition for "zapped" has emerged. And I would mourn the loss of my youth over this, except that this new definition involves receiving free baseball cards.

Sorry Scott Baio and Willie Aames, you never existed.

Once again, I am on the receiving end of a zippy zapping!

Heather who?

This is just one of the many fine cardboard pieces I received from Zippy Zappy, who runs Torren' Up Cards. ZZ's packages tend toward prospects, Asian cards and long-ago vintage. So I was surprised to see a relic card fall out. But I really like Adrian Beltre Dodger relics. Some of the finest around.

Most everything else was more in line with a typical Zippy Zapping. Here you see some future Dodgers superstars. Every last one.

Here is a pretty green numbered item of soon-to-be rotation fixture Zach Lee. Don't let the scanner smudge on the bottom of the card fool you, it's very snazzy.

This is even more exclusive. A /50 Finest gold parallel of one of the 50 pitchers in the Dodgers bullpen. I still like Yimi a lot.

Wait? What's this? An actual card of an actual current veteran player? This white framed Matt Kemp card is so unlike ZZ.

And this? A cheap insert from flagship Topps? True, ZZ found a hole in insert completion. This card was a need and I didn't even know it. But I'm a bit confused over this new direction.

Ah, that's more like. This is an Asian exclusive black parallel of prospect Alex Verdugo. That is a textbook zippy zapping card.

I'm holding out hope from the price tag that this is some sort of special Asian SP card, but it's probably the regular SP card, which I already own. I'm showing it again because that family in the stands is just a riot. I could view that card all day.

Finally, another zippy zapping staple -- non-Topps vintage! I love the Baseball Scoops cards, they're so newspapery.

So that there is the result of being zapped again.

I rather like this new definition. And it's something I'd be willing to experience over and over again, which is more than I can say about that movie from 1982, Heather Thomas or not.

I consider this an updated, better version of having your skirt blown up.


  1. a triple scoop! love those cards! Glad to say I don't remember that movie and for awhile, had forgotten all about Willie Ames.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the cards. I'll have to really load up on Dodgers prospect for the next one.

  3. "I consider this an updated, better version of having your skirt blown up."


  4. Oh, those days we did have 3 hot Heather's didn't we.

  5. "Getting a little behind in their classwork" Very subtle!

    Zippy is great! Always a well rounded trade package.

  6. Hey there -

    I've got a ton of Dodgers cards for you, ranging from numbered to GU to auto to lots and lots of base and inserts from 1990 through 2016.

    If you'd like to pick up a swap, drop me an email at joshsbob the google.

    - Josh