Friday, March 11, 2016

Out of the woodwork

I don't know if it's the time of the year or what, but I can barely keep up with the new card blogs that are emerging (yeah, just keep saying card blogging is dead). And I especially can't keep up with all of the trade offers from new people. It's as if there's a never-ending group of card lovers coming out of the woodwork.

I will always try to get to everyone -- because I love cards so much myself -- but it's also the busiest time of the year for me. So chances are good I'll lose track of offers, or blog roll requests, or basic things like where I live. If you don't see any action from me, don't hesitate to send another email. Night owls need nudges, especially during the day.

The best way to get on my good side during this very hectic time is to make things as easy as possible. Brent, who I know from Twitter, did this recently. He simply told me he had some extra cards that I might like, and when I asked what he might want in return, he said he didn't need anything. He's downsizing and he's just trying to get cards out to people who want them.

Well, OK! I can do that!

Let's see what he shot my way.

A couple of gently folded 1956s for the completion task. Jerry Schoonmaker is wearing more wrinkles than he probably features today at 82 years young. Also, I don't think he's going to catch up to that gapper in the outfield.

These will be excellent placeholders until I can upgrade. And who knows when that will be. I don't have monthly card shows.

Nothing makes me happier in the card world presently than receiving 1972 Topps off the want list. Don Sutton here puts me at officially under 40 cards needed to complete the set. I feel as bubbly as if I was surrounded by palm trees and wore a blue glove.

This is my first Alex Cora autographed card. Yeah, I know, these '98 Team Best Signature Series cards can look like it's just a facsimile auto. But it says right on the back "Authentic Autograph Card" in big black letters. Why would I ever have a reason not believe a card company over authenticity?

I left the stumper for last.

You '90s fans already know what it is, but as usual it took me the longest time to figure it out.

After some research I determined that Upper Deck did this wacky thing in 1994 where they issued exclusive insert cards depending on the region of the country. UD divided the country into thirds and issued special cards in just those areas. This 1994 SP insert card of Mike Piazza is from the Western Region -- it says so right on the card.

Upper Deck's practice was discontinued after a year -- gee, I can't imagine why -- which is probably why I'm hearing about it only just now.

Western Region Piazza will reside in his plastic home for only a little while longer until I have time to bust him out.

I'll try to squeeze it in between adding new blogs to my reading list.


  1. You are living a charmed life for an owl.

  2. Don Sutton at Spring Training, so perfect. I knew baseball was truly back when he called the Braves game the other day

  3. Hatton had such a great "play at the plate" action shot drawn for him. Gotta wonder what Schoonmaker did to piss off his artist.

  4. Jerry Schoonmaker--'56 Topps--monthly card show.

    Got it.