Wednesday, August 26, 2015

So, what's good in Ginter?

I think I put on a decent show here, but fact is I'm struggling. It's August, which is Don't Buy a Damn Card Month around here. That not only holds up buying new product, but outgoing card packages stagnate on the desk, and all of that together really cuts down on blog material. I'm forced to use my wiles in order to continue to crank out blog posts.

I have to be resourceful. You know, like an owl.

I've been rationing any trade posts because the incoming packages are dwindling (when you don't send out much, you don't get much). I never want to be a blog that only operates when new cards arrive in the collection, but I admit, it's difficult to stay open on a day-to-day basis when I haven't seen the inside of Target for a month, don't bother going on ebay, and the mailbox features only PWETCBs (Plain White Envelopes That Contain Bills).

But enough whining, let's see a few cards that were sent to me by Judson at My Cardboard Habit.

I received a couple of PWEs from him, mostly containing cards from this year's Allen & Ginter. Because A&G arrived in August, I have bought very little, and as you know I'm not all that interested in what is in there this year.

I'm over A&G, I'm afraid. Or maybe it's just a dull year. I don't know, I just know there's very little that makes me want to run to the store RIGHTNOW.

But Judson found the few things that I've liked from A&G so far. The first is one of the owl cards from the Birds of Prey mini insert set. There are actually three owls in this set (there is also Barn Owl and Great Horned Owl), so I that's where my spare change will be going when I have some. Must. Have. Owls.

The other cards were related to the Rocky "subset" that is in A&G this year. It amuses me, although I've watched only the first Rocky all the way through. I pulled the Apollo Creed card out of the two A&G rack packs I've purchased, and it was massively dinged.

Judson said he'd send another one out, and he added a few friends:

That's great. Only Thunderlips is missing, which shouldn't be too difficult to obtain, whenever I get around to obtaining again.

I feel a little guilty bagging on A&G when I haven't really bought much of it. I don't feel like I have a real good idea of what's available, but when A&G posts pop up on other people's blogs, I have a difficult time focusing.

Given my general love for this set over the years, it might be the most puzzling thing about me and cards this year.

But as long as there are owls and silver screen boxers to chase, I'm not going to put A&G on a hook next to Bowman Platinum.

By the way, Judson added another card:

Don't worry, I'm not going to start trying to collect non-1975 buybacks. But I won't be able to resist putting this in the Dodgers binder.

It's August. You take what people are offering and you hope to pay them back ... like two months from now.


I'll get there. The owl has his ways.


  1. I got a Thunderlips with your name on it. Wow...that sounded awful. Will get a PWE off to you this week!

  2. I always want to love Allen & Ginter and sometimes it's great and sometimes it's easy to forget. Bet I would've loved it more if my hobby box had a Clubber Lang in it. #jealous

  3. This may go unappreciated in this venue, but I feel obligated to make a Dead Milkmen reference:

    "Everybody knows the Burrow Owl lives in a hole in the ground! Why the hell do you think they call it a Burrow Owl?!?"

    I'm not a huge fan of the Rocky movies, but I really like it that the cards feature the characters instead of the actors. Nice touch.

    ...and I may have to get that Owl as well.

  4. Do you think Topps created the birds of prey insert set entirely because of your blog? Or at least in part because of your blog? I don't think the possibility can be discounted.