Monday, July 27, 2015

When your sticker book rejects your stickers

So, I have this sticker album from 1982. It came to me from across the ocean, because back in 1982 I had one and have no idea what became of it.

Periodically, I find '82 stickers and it's a very giddy moment because I can pull out this sticker book and STICK, STICK, STICK THEM! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Still the book is not a big collecting priority because I've always been all about the cardboard. So the sticker book sits patiently waiting for some more stickers.

Awhile ago, A Swing and a Pop-Up acquired some '82 stickers, because he's one of the original kings of the oddballs, and had a few extras to spare. I pounced quickly. And eagerly anticipated a sticking session.

The stickers arrived:

I could feel my whole body vibrating.

There is no time to waste when a sticking opportunity strikes. I ran upstairs quickly and grabbed my sticker book, and started paging between gulps of air.

Sadly, by the time I was done, there was just one sticker stuck.

My new scanner cannot contain the awesomeness of my sticker book either.

Andre Dawson is now stuck.

But all the other stickers are dupes.

I don't know what to do.

Back when Topps first started issuing '80s stickers, in 1981 and 1982, I bought up a ton of those packets. But I refused to stick anything that wasn't a dupe. So I had tiny little stacks of unstuck stickers in my collection from both years. (I have no idea what happened to those either).

But I've turned completely around on my sticker thinking. Stickers are meant to be stuck!

And if they aren't stuck, what good are they?

So all of the above stickers I have there, except for Dawson of course, are there for the taking. If you need one or all, let me know and I'll ship them off.

Otherwise, I'll find some place to stick them. And if that's got to be the dog, so be it.

Bert sent a few actual cards, too:

OK, that's not really a card either. Still kind of cool.

These are from a 12-card Duke Snider sent issued in 1983. I wrote a post about these quite awhile ago. I could tell you more about the cards if I found the post, but it's getting more and more difficult to track down old posts. So, for now, all I can add is that last card is awesome.

So is this 1979 TCMA card. God bless the TCMA. Fantastic.

I think this one card makes up for sticking just one sticker.

Come and claim them.

Or the dog gets it.


  1. I'd happily give a home to that Ted Simmons sticker. The rest, though....woof!

  2. There is an open bed for that White Sox sticker in Plainfield.

  3. I would gladly take any of those unwanted ones off your hands

  4. All right, the dog is spared. Jsmith28, I'll have to get your address.

  5. I had a few of these that I stuck to the bottom of my '89 Donruss set-building box when I was 14. I'll spare your feelings and not tell you which ones they were.

  6. Night Owl my address is P.O. Box 956 Troy Virginia 22974. I also have a bog named the infamous card collector if you get a chance to check it out.

  7. Topps Sticker Albums = Positive Childhood Memories

  8. The TCMA is awesome. Topps sticker albums are awesome. I hope you have 1989s because you'd probably find the cover awesome.