Monday, March 2, 2015


Each year, when I make the determination that I am not going to attempt to complete that year's Topps base set -- which has been every year lately -- I go about organizing the cards in order by team.

This way, it's easier for me to find cards if I am trading. Also, there is just something pleasing about categorizing cards by team that goes back to my childhood. You can assemble them by their respective divisions, in alphabetical order or by which ones you wish would die in a bear trap. The possibilities are endless.

And if the set is particularly colorful, as it is this year, you get the neat effect above. That picture is just as pretty as all get-out.

This is how I had assembled my cards for 2015 Topps, but all the while I had this nagging feeling that it wasn't quite the way they should be arranged.

Today, I decided to do something about it.

See if you can guess, by the pictures, what I am doing now.

That's right.

Yeah, I have no idea why I'm doing it.

I'll probably get bored of this by June, and then there's the whole matter of where the binder is going to go. There's no room in this house.

But Topps found a way to suck me in.

Stupid pretty colors.


  1. Well done Greg. It's a great set. I've got most of those for you...

  2. Good to know someone else orders a set like that, hundreds then tens.

  3. The joys of sorting. First by hundreds... then by tens.

  4. I sort by hundreds then groups of 25. Am I the only one?

    Bunch of 2015 Topps to be mailed today...

  5. Yep, hundreds, then tens. But then do you do the 300s (in the case of Series 1) first so they can be flipped over starting at the 350's and build the pile from the bottom or start with the 00s-90s? Then you have to turn the whole pile over and your dupes have to go face down.

    I volunteer for the guest post on sorting...

    1. Mine stay upside-down until in the proper order (starting with the 300's, of course), then I flip them, building the set up. Dupes stay face-down. This is all after I've gone through each one, checking codes for any SP's.

      It seems everyone does it the same way, more or less. We're a logical bunch.