Sunday, January 4, 2015

Awesome night card, pt. 229: trivia

Say you are at an upscale party. Tuxes and gowns, fancy drinks and appetizers with weird stuff in them.

What is your go-to trivia question?

Isn't that what they do at upscale parties? Impress each other with their knowledge of useless trivia?

OK, maybe they don't. But I always feel the need to have a trivia question ready just in case I have to spring it on someone in order to get a free drink, or get out of jail, or unlock the code that allows me to save the human race from extinction.

My go-to trivia question is pretty common knowledge among baseball trivia experts. I just haven't kept up with all of the statistics so I'm not able to quiz people on the five players with the highest WAR and the least number of intentional walks.

So you probably know this one: Who are the three players who played for all four major league teams that originated in New York?

The answer is Ricky Ledee, featured on the night card above ...

... Darryl Strawberry ...

... and Jose Vizcaino.

All three played for the Dodgers, Giants, Yankees and Mets.

Even though a lot of baseball fans know this one, I've stumped a couple of people with this question out in real life. Only in appropriate situations, of course. I'm not going around to everyone saying, "Hey, hey, you wanna hear a trivia question??????"

As far as cards, I do not have a card of each player in each of those four uniforms, although I'm proud to say I have all of them on Dodger cards.

I used to have a Dodger, Giant, Yankee and Met card of Darryl Strawberry, but somewhere along the way I traded away the 1995 Score Giant card of Strawberry sulking in the dugout because he was a Giant.

As for the other two, it's a little more tricky.

Vizciano had brief stops with the Giants and the Yankees.(Two brief stops with the Giants). But he's on 1997 and 2006 cards with the Giants. He's on fewer cards with the Yankees. You can find him in 2001 Pacific and on a Stadium Club relic from 2002, and maybe a couple other cards.

Ledee played only 31 games for the Giants in the second-half of 2004 and by the time 2005 cards came out, card companies were putting him in a Dodger uniform because he signed as a free agent with L.A. in the offseason. But there is a card of Ledee with the Giants in Fleer Tradition.

I couldn't find a card of Ledee with the Mets, though. He played for them at the end of his career in 2006 and 2007. The last card I find of Ledee is 2006.

So now I guess I've just added another part to my trivia question:

Part 1 - Name the three players who played for all four major league teams that originated in New York.

Part 2 - Do those three players have trading cards of them with each of those four teams?

Feel free to use it at your next party.


Night Card Binder candidate: Ricky Ledee, 1999 Upper Deck, #434
Does it make the binder?:  It does.


  1. My go to trivia question is:

    Name the first video played on MTV. And most people know that answer. So I follow up with "What was the 2nd video?"

    1. I think I found it:

  2. My go to trivia:

    What 4 universities have produced a US President and a Super Bowl winning quarterback.

  3. Love this. It would make a great Micro Collecting project.

    If you expand the requirements just a little bit, Casey Stengal played for the Dodgers & Giants and managed the Dodgers, Yankees & Mets, all in New York.

  4. My personal favorite trivia question is "Besides Hank Aaron, who is the only player to hit home runs in more than 15 consecutive seasons with the Braves?"

    1. (Answer is here.)

  5. All of the previous trivia questions have me stumped. I kinda wish you guys would include answers.

    My trivia Q: Who was the last team to integrate with an African-American, and who was the player?
    Boston Red Sox, Larry Doby

    PS...Sorry to add an ATTBAT pimp, but...for some unknown reason, my blog is not updating on anybody's blogrolls, so please be sure to stop by ATBATT and check out my latest blog post.

    1. Pumpsie Green was the player who integrated the Red Sox in 1959. Larry Doby integrated the American League with the Browns in 1947.

  6. How about this one?

    Who are the only two players to have played for all four of the 1961-1962 expansion franchises?