Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Really? This guy?

First Stuart Scott, now Jim Nantz?

Has Allen & Ginter found my private diary list of the sports broadcasters that I wish had pursued botany instead of broadcasting? If Chris Berman, Joe Buck and Michael Kay appear in future A&G issues, then I'll know the spies have infiltrated the nest and found my voodoo dolls.

How difficult is it to put Vin Scully on a card?

Is he rebuffing your advances? Then try harder. Don't put the most irritating, cloying, sycophant in broadcasting on cardboard instead.

Here, if Scully is too difficult for you to handle, try one of these guys:

Harry Caray
Mel Allen
Ernie Harwell
Pat Summerall
Tony Kubek
Bob Prince
Lindsey Nelson
Jim McKay
Red Barber
Curt Gowdy
Harry Kalas
Jack Brickhouse
Keith Jackson
Mike Emrick
Foster Hewitt
Dick Enberg
Bob Uecker

I know some of these guys have appeared in other sets. But A&G is for champions like the folks listed above, not people whose goal is to see how many platitudes they can fit into one broadcast.

I never thought I'd say it, but Howard Cosell needs to be on a card.

He would tell you what he thought of some of these guys who are appearing in A&G. With much bigger words than I can use.


  1. Interesting, but other than maybe 2-3 of those names you list, I know who all of them are, but I have no idea who Nance is.
    Scully is the ultimate baseball man and his contribution to baseball is worthy of the Hall of Fame. And his contribution to Farmer John sales likewise must put him in some kind of Sausage HoF, too.

  2. A) I agree with your thoughts on Jimmy. I wish ESPN could take over the NCAA tournament because I hate listening to Nance call the Final Four (my favorite sporting event of the year).

    B) Howard Cossel is on a card. #40 from 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces football.

    C) What kind of Donovan McNabb card would interest you?

    D) Have you moved recently?

  3. I happen to like Jim Nantz. But I agree with you about Berman, Buck, Scott, and Michael Kay. I, too, would like to see Enberg and/or Uecker get a card in next year's A&G. Maybe we should start a petition?

  4. If Thom Brennaman ever appears on a noteworthy card, I will set them all on fire. And I will take pictures. Or video. Or something.