Sunday, August 7, 2011


I've read a few comments about some of the cards from this year's Allen & Ginter having the same poses for some players as this year's Heritage.

I haven't seen any images displaying the similarities yet. So, I decided to look at my own paltry collection and see what I could find. Keep in mind that I don't have the complete set for A&G or Heritage, so I'm sure I'm missing an absolutely perfect example that would tie this post together.

Ah well, I'm almost certain that my gravestone will be stamped "incomplete." Might as well be consistent.

Anyway, here is what I found:

I found a lot of "this is from the same photo shoot " stuff. Makes sense. Heritage and Allen & Ginter are similar kinds of products -- retro sets with abundant portrait photography. Photographers always take a ton of pictures that are never used, Topps might as well make the most of it.

Here is another one. "OK, Curtis. Stay where you are. I'm going to move to the right of you now. Keep the bat where it is. OK, now look toward me again. Perfect." Click!

There are a lot of examples of this between the two sets and most collectors probably never notice that these are likely from the same shoot. Just crop one photo down to a head-and-shoulders shot and you've got two "almost" entirely different pictures.

This is where it gets a little annoying. Dillon Gee barely had to move for two different photos. He's got his hands glued behind his back. Topps did manage to photoshop Gee's 2011 uniform number on to the A&G picture.

This is the closest example I could find to two exact same photos. These two images must have been a couple of clicks away from each other. This, I could do without.

Much of the sameness of these photos comes from the fact that Topps issues so many sets and apparently doesn't have enough pictures to go around. I don't really mind if it use pictures from the same shoot as long as it mixes it up a little. The Brian Roberts is pretty lazy though.

By the way, as I was leafing through each set, I realized something:

1. 2011 Heritage is just fantastic.

2. I'm still not crazy about the A&G design. Less so, when I compare it to Heritage.

3. I might be trying to complete the wrong product.

(Contest has been postponed. New target date: Thursday night).


  1. Do you think they might be like actors? They all appear to have one pose as well.

  2. Seeing them side by side makes me like Heritage even more. I'm not even a big fan of the '62s. Maybe I need an all action set.

  3. Check out the A-Rod. It's the same photo - and the Ubaldo is about as close as it gets.